Police Car For Kids | Gecko's Real Lego Moving Day 2 days ago   06:59

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Gecko and your kids will learn about police cars for children in this video. The Gecko Police Car video is a fun video about police cars and the gadgets inside and on them! Gecko takes you to a fun police department and police car journey in this educational video for kids.

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Elisa Vrapi
I love them too
Princeton John Gonzalvo
Silvia Vieira
I love police officers
sohan singh
Charmaine Toca

Skylander sly Autobots
MePlays ;
If you live in USA or other countries, this is not gonna be familiar to you. like me i live on USA
Joanne Hill
Rt the day is not the same aura that we went
Baby Studio
so cool
Paul Dillon
Kids Chanel
perfect video
Vince Liam Pahe
is it for real?? gecko police car exist!! i wanna see it somewhere down the road with my mini bike 🤩🤩
The Garcia Family Travels
Cool video
Kids Toys video
nice video
michalproducktions trains
Can geco meet a coach driver at national express
Maverick Versus Everything
Huge personalities here! That's what gets views. Like's n stuff. lolz
Keano Wattimena
شاهد واشترك
Car truck for kids
so fun
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Lego Moving Day Police Car For Kids | Gecko's Real 2 days ago   03:44

When moving in the Lego world ...some assembly is required.

Music provided by Charles Harrison:

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