Why your Netflix thumbnails don't Can This Chef Make A 3-Course 2 days ago   05:49

A thumbnail is worth a thousand words.

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Netflix has thousands of videos to choose from for a night (or day) of marathon watching. The problem is: how do you pick what to watch? It can be daunting searching through various titles, so much so that you may end up skipping to watch anything altogether. Netflix tries to make it easier to pick titles through personalization of their site—including the thumbnails you’ll see for every piece of content in their catalog.

With thousands of videos to choose from, and more than 130 million subscriber in 190 countries, there’s a lot of potential to create some eye-catching thumbnails according to users’ tastes. So the company uses a set of algorithms to determine what images you’re more likely to click on. It’s just one streaming service on the frontier of personalizing how content is served to its viewers. Netflix’s goal is to get you engaged with their content for as long as possible. And ever changing customizable thumbnails is just one of their methods.

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Simon S.
I'm gay and I always get shirtless males in thumbnails...
Grey Fox
I didn’t know this, this is cool though
Kairos Keiros
Why the translation I made into this video is not appearing even though its been 3 month?
Tevita 'Ita
Wow that was great reporting
Sir Dragon Moon
Request sex in the city on Netflix
Sir Dragon Moon
So alll of the gay couples and hot guys thumbnails were allways clickbait. Not mad though (watched shadow hunters and riverdale beacuase of it [yeah I know they hot actors>quality content and I am okay to a certain degree with that])
Or you could just watch Brooklyn 99
Clearly Dorothy
I wish they had the office on netflix in australia :/
Diede Kaak
Am I the only one who has never had the “are you still watching” screen while I’m sometimes binge watching for hours?
Srinath Selvadurai
Mind blown!
This makes sense lol
Gølden Piløts
The NinjaLion
4:47 that guy is the main villain
HassyD 'Melo
That algorithm still dont compare to youtubers' clickbait skills lol
Rishi Choudhary
why does it change everyday tho?
I clicked because of Riverdale lol
oh this is why the covers keep changing for me
This explains why my modern family thumb is Stella the dog and my Riverdale one makes it look like a gay drama about Archie Andrews #fml
The example she gave with the sharp contrast images being more “aesthetic” than the blurry ones was hilarious to me since I realize thats probably what I hate most about all the thumbnails. It makes them all look like cheesy magazines. I’d be much more likely to click on the blurry images. The blur portrays action and complexity. It obscures that which I might be interested in learning more about.
ugh her voice is so amazing
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Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Why your Netflix thumbnails don't 2 days ago   11:25

Alexis is challenged to make a delicious 3-course meal using only one tricky appliance.

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