Russia Opens New Port Off Dagestani Putin Promises to Unite Russia 1 day ago   02:24

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The new regiment of the Russian Caspian Flotilla that was created in Dagestan is ready to embark on its tasks. The first ships have already taken their spots at a new pier. All of the combat units and the flotilla headquarters will soon be redeployed to the Dagestani coast. Moving to this non-freezing body of water will allow the forces to successfully deploy in the winter. Also, Su-30 jets are on combat alert here for the first time in the region's history. The main task is to strengthen security in the Caspian region, and not only that.

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Slava slovenska arijska Perunova Rossya
Merry Christmas,Russian Navy!!
Eouz Cuemarz
Any new ports for Kalibr armed corvettes to Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua?
David Reynoso
Putin stay out of Ukraine. ..stay home. Nato & USA... Ready..
Truth Teller
Russia is a poor, backwards nation, third world in 96% of its territory, 2nd world in a few cities. That's a pure fact. Its a total economic failure, minus 4 % growth last 3 years!! Only 1% growth this year, no hope as so many smaller nations passing them by in GNP!! Russia should not be on the world stage anymore as it has no power anymore. No influence as all nations sanction and hate Russia for its aggression in Crimea and South Ossetia. Huge protests now as the DUMA is raising the pension age stealing $ from its older workers!! How pathetic is that!! Russia ran out of money last year in its wealth fund! Their broke!! Now they are stealing from their last pension fund left and soon that will be exhausted leaving no pensions for any Russian. They would rather build bombs and missiles to kill innocent Ukrainians and Syrians. How sad they have become. High inflation now in Russia 12% a year!!! Its over, no hope so people are doing drugs and drinking vodka the highest rate in the world now to kill the pain of failure.
A nail in the American and Israeli butt
Adrian Carter
Knuckle up time
B 2
The USSR collapsed and it took Russia, with Putins guidance, 20 years to rejuvenate and become strong. The Pussy grabbers have problems 10 times greater. They understand but still keep squeezing.
josip oulovski
NEOCON War Pigs in the American Empire will use this scary news to argue for an even higher defense budget!
Will The Person
John Doe
This Russian Aggression of Russia developing its own port within its own borders must stop. Need more sanctions.
Arlo Marlo
Putin is getting ready to start WWIII and the World stays in denial. Dumb, stupid, gullible Western Governments just don't want to understand that Stalin is Putin the fascists mentor. And that 85% of Russian people can barely feed, clothe, house their families and keep warm over the winter while Putin and his Oligarch dictators live literally like kings. The people aren't stupid. They know he is spending trillions of rubles on causing trouble and unrest and preparing to bring down the Temple of Humanity with nuclear war. I am amazed at how many stupid, gullible Americans there are that support this Fascist. The most dangerous dictator on earth. Do they really think he will not fry them to a crisp as well.
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
2 U.S. Marines rescued, 5 missing after mid-air crash off Japan
Chris A
God Bless Russia !
Bapeti Uys-Kosweti
jose andres
Stay safe and strong Russia.
Ramp it up Russia!!
I like Russian
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Putin Promises to Unite Russia Russia Opens New Port Off Dagestani 1 day ago   06:45

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Big transport projects will contribute to the development of various fields. Today Vladimir Putin spoke about the role of the railways in the economy. The President intervened at the Railway Congress which discussed the development of this transport for the upcoming decades.

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