Why are ENTREPRENEURS leaving SILICON VALLEY? How to befriend PUTIN and EUROPE at once 1 day ago   13:22

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Silicon Valley is one of the wealthiest and most prosperous areas on the planet. But you already know that. Nonetheless, Silicon Valley has a darker side. Due to their success, this Californian region has become one of the most expensive places on Earth. This means that many entrepreneurs can no longer start their startups here because of the high rental prices and big salaries. Those who might work for a brand new startup are now too busy being employed by big tech giants like Facebook or Google, with salaries that surpass 100k a year. Is Silicon Valley a victim of their own success? We answer to this question on this video.

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Duane Pigden
Because of Trump some techies are moving to Canada.
Horrible for anyone not rich. Simon you really need to get here and see reality.
As someone from silicon valley I don't think it's peaked, the housing issue isn't really driven 100% by the salaries here, because there's still plenty of people working at grocery stores and the like making 30k a year, the real problem is that there hasn't been enough housing added, this is partly down to us running out of land but there are still large undeveloped tracks towards the coast that could be leveraged. The housing here is artificially high because there isn't enough of it, people even in tech, especially locals are living in boats or RV camps because there just aren't enough houses/apartments for everyone. This will change eventually, and the massive gravity of the labor pool here will start to pull in people again.
Levi M. Johnson - The Path to Authenticity
Shenzhen is a good city for startups, however, since the recent congresses of the CCP have enshrined Xing Jing Ping as their permanent ruler, and are cracking down on foreigners and Christians and freedoms, people who have a lot of human capital are leaving the country. Shenzhen is not a viable alternative to Silicon Valley. However, Israel may be.
Ricardo Pesenti
The exodus will get worse..
Ricardo Pesenti
Trump is right. We have the same problems with doctors in switzerland. Instead of educating doctors ourselves, we restrict them with high hurdles for the education, but then get all dictors from countries with way less restrictions and lower quality.
Instead we should educate our youth, drop the hurdles but keep the quality up. Like california should too.
Ricardo Pesenti
Every sane person who can, leaves left states
Kevin Danker
Simon, you confuse me. Watching your videos and the anti-conservative intros you all do, I believe you to be a Progressive - Globalist - Liberal. That said you do so many videos that highlight how these policies destroy States and Countries I can't understand what your politics really are. All of California, hell the entire west coast of America is being destroyed by progressive liberalism. Maybe you can do a video on the hoardes of drug addicted homeless people that are allowed to trash our cities with no consequence next.
Andy M
Why leave? Because terminologies don't benefit long term from socialism or communism. :))
Willie Guzman
Silicon valley will temper off, but although its prestige will be alittle diminished, living conditions for workers and locals might actually improve as housing and other costs come down. Not a terrible trade off. They still have some of the best weather in the country.
wooo weee
The H1b minimum salary was set below their home grown equivalents, so we aren't talking just importing ph'd.s here, you don't pay phd 65k, so the long record of silicon valley screwing over workers is at play here. When the tech firms complain about workers, replace their words with cheap labor. You watch in silicon valley you will see bands of indian tech workers on public transport or carpooling, all wearing back packs, milling around in packs, likely living together, this isn't the highly paid work force that could afford their own transport and habitation.
And yes since the situation is so tenuous, most people keep their heads down in silicon valley, you don't go against group think if you want to pay your rent, or simply sustain your life style.
Reasearch triangle park NC
luis morales
Shout out from Mountain view!
marvellous amaechi
I love your videos. Very informative and innovative
Groupthink... Most alarming part
Zachary Mccoy
I used to be in middle class till i took a silcon arrow in the knee
Aaron Posternack
Easy short answer: Transportation there is fairly messed up. If you were expecting cool buses and trains whether private or public, you are wrong. they are old, slow, dirty, and expensive unlike most other tech hubs across the planet. the transport problem, in turn, creates more housing demand closer to work, therefore driving up the real estate around the valley.
i bet the silicon valley growth is slowing down and a decline is close, one day an entrepreneur will find an area which is diverse enough, has plenty of programmers but not enough or even none programming positions. these people will work for relatively low wages (compared to silicon valley), but the living costs of the area will be lower and then bang, new silicon valley.
build some accommodation somewhat far away from silicon valley and then hyperloop it to Silicon Valley.
Phil Ad
The problem is not food. It is housing. Cities refuse to build high rises to accommodate more people, for political reasons.
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How to befriend PUTIN and EUROPE at once Why are ENTREPRENEURS leaving SILICON VALLEY? 1 day ago   13:42

*Script written by Javier Angulo

Vito Corleone used to say ‘family matters’ and, in Azerbaijan, they followed this advice to the letter. Aliyev family means everything in this country. They control politics and economics with an iron fist. But despite all of this, this country is on fashion in Europe. They’ve poured lots of money sponsoring sports events like the European Cup or soccer teams like Atletico de Madrid. They are present in music festivals like the Eurovision song contest and they are part of the Council of Europe despite not even being European.
Why are they so loved by Brussels? The answer lies on natural gas. They are unexpendable for Europe to diversify their gas supply from Russia.
So you might thing… OK, then, Russia won’t be a big fan of Azerbaijan, right? The opposite is true. Azerbaijan has achieved the ultimate diplomatic Challenge: befriend Putin’s Russia and European Union at the same time.
How did they do it? We will answer this question on this video.

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