Trump Voters LOSE IT Over Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: 2 days ago   10:20

The Young Turks
Trump supporters realized that Trump’s tax plan actually ended up screwing them. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT:

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"Multiple supporters of President Donald Trump over the past couple of weeks have taken to Twitter to air their grievances about the president’s signature tax cut plan.

Even though the 2017 GOP tax cut is leading to spiking federal deficits thanks to its generous benefits to corporations, many middle-class Americans are winding up having to pay more because the bill eliminated multiple deductions used by middle-class families to lower their annual tax payments.

Among other things, the tax bill capped deductions for taxes paid to state and local governments, while massively increasing the amount of money you must donate to qualify for a charitable giving deduction."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Real Talk
Lol!!! And you believe MEXICO was gonna pay!!
Mike castrol
I am paying more this year than last year and I’m definitely pissed off!!!! I guess I get what I deserve but not next year.................
Callsign: Blaze
Taxation is theft.
John Humphrys
Blue stats pay high taxes big buiseses. Move out totax friendler states then the comie lib dems move out also. To blue stats but still think utopia tax buiseneses till they had enogh. Till they clouse down company and move away .
Sa C
Farmers were some of the strongest supporters of Republicans and Trump. Now record numbers of them are going bankrupt (because of Trump’s tariffs, etc).
Sa C
Trump (and Republican) voters are starting to pay for their foolishness. You were warned, over and over and over in 2015 & 2016, to realize what a crook he is. Yet you still voted for him!!!!
Norman Revell
Some of dictator Trump uneducated and dumb and stupid loyal supporters and followers still can't accept that they was lied to and got con by Trump
Daniel Brown
Says umm, oh yeah, corporate tyt. I’m just happy we can’t smell Cenk’s breathe through the screen. Only bullshit passes out of his mouth so.......
Susan Smith
Die hard Trump fans who still defend him are stuck in a delusion!
Diana Carrizales
That why maga morons are so upset,. Because reality is setting in about the tax scam that Republicans passed....🤔
lmfao no.
kevin dietterich
It's not the taxes, it's the damn Obamacare.
Bruce Gruben
Remember that’s not a Government refund that’s YOUR money.
Bruce Gruben
Thier keeping more of their money during the year, so the refunds are lower. Better to keep YOUR money weekly than the Government giving it back to you.
Drowning In Glitter
Ana's hair on fleek
pearlbeachwave 1
Reversed robinhood
Moises De Leon
Trump making america great again for the rich only wait for next year it will be much worse thanks to all trump voters i bet you all wish Obama was still president. Laugh is all we can do and go crazy.
Lies lies lies the young Turks are a bunch of repulsive disgusting lying losers
Rafa lope
raised more the taxes ,⬆️
Sean Blade
The trumptard are getting a reality check and not a tax check 😂
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Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Trump Voters LOSE IT Over 2 days ago   14:36

Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!

Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.

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