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The future supposedly belongs to e-cars. But what about planes? German company Lange Aviation is already working on a further technological revolution. Axel Lange's firm produces sailplanes powered by electric engines. They're probably no alternative to conventional aircraft engines, but special aircraft could benefit from the new technology. A report by Christian Pricelius.

More Made in Germany: http://www.dw.de/made-in-germany-the-business-magazine-2015-01-06/e-18130315-9798

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3:11 Holy lithium, Batman! That's a lot of batteries. I wonder where they put them, and maintain balance.
Q Turn
Wow great job
Hope the batteries do not explode like on some phones.
Wouldnt gasoline be better?
You could go up with the motor. And when you're on top, you dont need to carry the weight of the fuel anymore. With batteries, you'll still carry them if they're empty
Rarle R
I need to be there. These are my people. Labor, work, build! Not commute, sit, bs management.
Jaspar Paulus
"powered only by wind" - jop, you got it
Some of the best days of my summer youth was when I was a young US Army PFC soldier stationed in Hanau Germany. On Weekends I would thake th train to Mintz and catch a ride to Finther to join my new frineds in a German Glider Club. Each flight cost $1.25 US or 4.5 German Marks I met a 17 year old boy in thte glider club named Wolfgang Ermish there, sure wish I could find him again.........
Tom Kelsall
"Powered by the wind"?! Really?!

I think you'll find that it's powered by Gravity when the motor's off...
Joe Scott
How could these brilliant Germans allow Angela Merkel to completely Destroy their beautiful country ?
Justin Bozeman
I'm glad somebody finally made a self launching glider I had that idea is a kid and I couldn't believe nobody had done it yet.

As a kid I had an idea of launching them with rockets once you're up in the air you've got plenty of distance you can fly if you know what you're doing it's just getting off the ground that's the problem.

Overloaded military planes have these little rockets that stick on them to help them take off and then they just fall to the ground
Excellent. Handmade by German craftsmen -- I'd feel safe in that.
Luís Antônio Marrega
Esta aeronave ficou fantástica. Rio RJ Brasil
john biggins
China will copy and sellit for 12500 US......FLY AWAY
Very nice!
Gordon Woodroffe
VTOL is the thing now . lol
Peter Jones
At last... power for a 'go-around'!!!
someone needs to tell these guys what a glider is
Edward D'Agostino
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Test ride in Pipistrel electric On the Up: Electric Gliders | Made in Germany 2 days ago   17:46

I was the 3rd in Norway to get a test flight in Pipistrel electric airplane. Here is more information about the plane:

Thank you so much to Norges Luftsportforbund and Avinor!

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