GUY IN A NEW 900HP HELLCAT REDEYE SAYS Coward cop pulls us over on I-40 1 day ago   14:45

Street Speed 717
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Or they can search up “how to drive a manual” there’s this amazing video by someone called streetseed717 or something like that. Amazing teacher there.
Robert Miller
A 100hp isn't going to make up for a 900 lb weight disadvantage.
If you win the jeep and you cant drive manual you actually not only lose the jeep you lose your man card
Why is everyone attacking the demon guy??? He seemed like a fair sport, no excuses he did his best to stay factual. Obviously two good buddies having fun y’all need to chill tf out loll
you aoki
mopar guy not smart... should have started from 000000000mph poor match up with gearing and aero advantage at 50mph to zr1 would have been different off the line... but hey 200k worth of cars and i'm on a fucking schwin
dustin hron
Go from a 40 roll
Savage Camaro
And here where all the mopar owners will said
Oh it's not the car
Is the driver, my car is 800 pounds heavier and blah blah
All kind of excuses lol
While I have 2015 SS camaro and yes I destroy
Hellcats and one red demon jaja and I am only 723 RWHP
James CF
You say typical but you race a car that weighs hundreds of pounds more than your vehicle, they are both different classes of cars, corvette being a sport and the challenger being the only REAL muscle car left on the market. Also, he almost whooped your ass so be careful. Make both cars the same weight and it’ll smoke you any day.
Jose Gonzalez
Two VERY nice cars indeed. But the vette is America’s sports car for a reason. Mopar makes nice rides. But Chevy continues to dominate. In the sports car area, truck, and suv “domestic wise”
Chevy owners now racing boats
Joe Donkey
Spoiler looks like dump on that hellcat
McKinnely Bentley
I'm glad you mentioned the weight difference.
Die hard mma fan!
To be honest both cars are awesome and it would be an honour to drive any of them.😃
Stephen Thomas
Maybe the Dodge should have removed his wipers...... Corvette.....there is no substitute.
Armando Montezuma
Is that zr1 stock?
corey cousins
What camera are you using for footage
Greg Buchwald
when theres like a 150hp difference but a 500-700 pound difference the zr1 will be faster lmao especially 10 speed vs 8 speed
the j
Well, put your money where your mouth is and lets see.
Red Eye turned into a Brown Eye!
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Coward cop pulls us over on I-40 GUY IN A NEW 900HP HELLCAT REDEYE SAYS 1 day ago   13:41

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