The Rise of Renewable Energy Worldwide! Should the World Fear China’s 2 days ago   10:29

Richard Aguilar
Our world is already getting even closer to the reality of a global energy system in which the main source of power comes from renewable energy sources. Nowadays, renewable energy, as a source of power, is increasingly a success story in many developing countries worldiwde. Now that renewable energy is already gaining popularity worldwide, this event has become a real challenge to fossil fuel-based electricity generation.

Today in this video, you'll see and know some developing countries in the world that are already gaining momentum when it comes to using of renewable energy as a source of electricity.

Watch the video to learn more...

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Trentbob ZEPHlazar
I really don't sound like paranoid ...but i guess ...we are too late .... Pace is too slow ...n we are like 50 to 60 years late ......
Paul Adams
Nice to have good news, thanks!♡
Vish Ram
Nice Video !!!
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Fun Fact - chickens have feathers.
Stephen Verchinski
Commercial fields are also desert dust disruptive. That dust is a source of nuclei for rainfall.
Pray Suguitan
Not with these chemtrailings only China can with their artificial sun😀
Charles-A Rovira
_Many Countries Are Now Switching to Renewables_ but unfortunately, they're doing it 60 years *too late.* Everything that is near the coast *the world over* is going to be flooded. 2,100 won't look like 2,000.
Renè Kreisel
It is possible that Anal power is our future:
Analgas for analpower
We must heat with analgas
We must move with analgas
We must fly with analgas
Ships moving with analgas
Trains moving with analgas
We can cook with analgas

Cows producing analgas
Horses produces analgas
The members of Parlament produces analgas
Every worker produces analgas
Pigs producing analgas
Chicken producing analgas

If we save this gas we have enough gas for all.
The nature comes back and we save a lot of money.
Merkel should give out a new law that people gave to eat every day 3 pins of beans .
Every body is happy about the successful gas story
Humans are so greedy. They never get enough of energy. If we let them, they would never turn off light, never turn off the water tap, or shower.
Yes we are doing great, 2018 co2 up 2.7% worldwide.
Floating solar panels in the water will kill plant and animal life, unless you only have a meaningless amount of solar panels (the Singaporean project could only power 250 apartment homes).

Generally the best places for large solar are over irrigation canals (lease is free and prevents evaporation), parking lot covers (cheapest to install and it prevents cars from rain/snow), or deserts for grid scale solar. Putting it on a flat roof, like that of a warehouse, is also very cheap and easy. Residential solar usually costs more than grid scale because of installation costs. Also, only grid scale operations include solar trackers, which allow the panels to provide energy much longer each day, smoothing the duck curve.
glenn goodale
One of your top videos ..... good teaching
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Should the World Fear China’s The Rise of Renewable Energy Worldwide! 2 days ago   29:36

Will China dominate global green energy markets? China has overtaken the U.S. to become the number one exporter of solar goods and services. In 2017 alone, China added more solar capacity than the total solar capacity of any other country. How has China built its solar industry and what are its challenges? Government subsidies have driven development, but have also led to overcapacity and trade tensions. Should government subsidies be cut?

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