Little Big Town - The Daughters Maddie & Tae - Die From A Broken Heart 1 day ago   03:38

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Music video by Little Big Town performing The Daughters. © 2019 Little Big Town, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Angelica Licari
"Dream for everyone but not yourself" or as Melinda Gates wrote in her latest book The Moment of Lift "When a girl's life is planned, that plan serves everyone except the girl".
Robbie Noon
So glad I raised my daughter just like my sons. All equal but all different. My baby girl is 15 right now and shes all girl at times, but shes my hunting buddy and field dresses her own game. She operates our farm machinery as good as anyone, and shes never been to good to roll her sleeves up and get greasy and dirty wrenching when we're brokedown. Make no mistake though on daddy daughter dances she looks like a princess and scares me to death that my baby girl is growing up way too fast.
Karen Sutherland
this is not a Godly song at all i know the Father the son JESUS and the HolyGhost ive raised 4 kids wouldn't have made it without him ,the one that loves me best gave his all for me, so you don't have too look no further
A Carpenter's Son
If you ar elooking for the God for daughters, His name is Jesus, God the Son. He redeemed women and lifted them up like no one and no-thing else. He was raised by a mother, praised women of faith, and reveled Himself first to a woman giving her the first role in His resurrection ministry. She was the first to preach the reusrrection to doubting disciples. All daughters will find their place in God the Son.
Kira Dhaliwal
Who else thinks this should be made into a movie??
Richard Rosenfeld
Little Big Town NEVER fails to impress. They are one of the few bands / acts out there that I would pay to see. They tend to refrain from releasing "filler" material.

Lots of meaning in their songs.

Lots of sincerity in their production and music.

Lots of talent.
Emily S
Maybe if our daughters followed the Lord's Word they would find they are meant to be protected, loved, and cherished as Christ loved the church.
Anne K
God and Jesus both love all women very much. How dare you insult God's love as though it is not enough? It is His very love for you that is keeping you alive in this moment. Jesus came to die on the cross for you so you could go to heaven. You are not a victim, He was!! I agree with some of the other sentiments in the song, but the blashphemy ruined what could have been a good message.
Julie Caudill
Little big town great country group and a good country hit but emotional 6 11 19 👍
Patricia Eroz
Now, Please Follow-Up
By Seeing TTL
On How U’ALL
Can Lead-Up TEAMZ
super emma
One of my favourite songs this is exactly how I felt growing up 😭😭😭
Debbie Mcmahon
Pretty sad, God is for everyone. Society may dictate what w girl needs to be like, BUT God is for daughters. Humans say all the crap that a girl should or should not be.
Reece Sad Happy
Damn!!!! How am in Lav w/ dis song....there's a gawd damn voluminous message in it! Am done living up to dis toxicating societal values imposed on d girl child...its about time we had such informative lyrics. Thanks to LBT team!
Helen Marshall
What a wonderful job of chronicling what women were told. In 1950 the girls at my mother's high School in Hammond Indiana played basketball (it was Indiana after all and it was very cold outside) My skinny mother was all knees and elbows and probably the most unathletic girl in the room. She discovered that if she elbowed the girl with the ball in the chest,(who almost always had more to hit than she did) the girl would gasp and in that half of a second she could take the ball and throw it to a team member who would make the shot. She was given a foul for playing basketball in an "unladylike" manner. My mother's response "What was I supposed to do, say "Excuse me, pardon me" when I whacked them in the chest?"
The Christian God is MUCH NICER to women than the Islamic god is. The Bible says that God created males AND females in His image.
Monica Peck
Just like the lyric “I’ve got a Girl Crush,” “A God for the daughters” is also not to be taken literally. This.. is art.
SJW BS Maybe , God is for everyone , Everybody knows.
Wendy Lee Connelly
Does anybody know the name of the lead actress? Is she in movies or television, or dance, or music?
Will March
Beautiful, 😭
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Maddie & Tae - Die From A Broken Heart Little Big Town - The Daughters 1 day ago   03:10

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Music video by Maddie & Tae performing Die From A Broken Heart (Acoustic). © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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