Sony Xperia 10 Plus Live Обзор Sony Xperia 10 и 10 Plus 2 days ago   16:14

Sony Xperia 10 Plus Live Unboxing & First Look

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Introducing the 21:9 Experience with the Xperia 10 Plus’s 6.5”, 21:9 Wide display. Use two apps at once for improved multi-tasking, watch movies in the cinema ratio they were filmed in and capture your own with 21:9 movie recording. All in a slender design that fits your hand perfectly.

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Comments 29 Comments

Hasan Murshid
Samsung galaxy A50 3 camera setup why Sony Xperia mobile low price phone not used 3 camera ?
Hasan Murshid
Sony Xperia mobile can't thaught the new generation
Hasan Murshid
Why Sony Xperia mobile marketing very down ?
Hasan Murshid
Why Sony Xperia 10 plus not used 128 GB internal storage ?
Hasan Murshid
Why Sony not used under display fingerprint ?
Hasan Murshid
Why not Sony Xperia make thin mobile ?
Hasan Murshid
Why Sony Xperia mobile not used totally full screen display and bezel less ?
Hasan Murshid
Why not used 4000 mah battery ?
Hasan Murshid
Why Sony Xperia 10 plus used only Snapdragon 636 ? Why not used 675 or 710 .lol Sony Xperia mobile.
Just got my Silver Sony Xperia 10 PLUS today!! I love it so far 😁
Kenneth Rosenstroem
Techno Boy now, are You?
wilfred fred
adam cooley
I love the size of this screen, but it might be a little too big to fit into my pocket. If only there was a way to fold it so that it had a smaller footprint...
Wendel Gamer
In China The version of xperia 10 plus os available with 6 gb of RAM.
Gino Guillermo
Here are my questions Dave (which is almost similar with the X10) Lol.

1. Is it splash resistant or splash-proof? Is it safe to use in light rain or accidental trip to the sink?
2. How clear and loud is the audio when connected with bluetooth headphones? (stereo/mono? bitrate?)
3. Speakers seem loud on camera. But does it not distort at full volumes? Any bass to it?
4. Camera shutter as quick as an iPhone or Galaxy S8/9? or previous-gen Xperia?
Need a full camera review please - dynamic range, sharpness, contrast, low-light, over/underexposure, stabilization (front & rear camera), lossless zoom (if any)?
Are the cameras wide-angle lens?
5. Screen any good in direct (on indirect) sunlight?
6. Any update you received and any improvements?
8. How long did it take you to fully charge up to 100%?
9. Memory management any good? Phone able to load the apps instantly?
10. Screen on time please?
11. Did it have any pre-applied screen protector?
12. How speedy is the fingerprint scanner vs other phones?
Allessandro Cicero
Send one to me, l live in brasil and l believe in friendships even more when we fell inferior to people who have a hign character appearance happy 2019
Gino Guillermo
Dave!!!! We need a full comparison and thoughts between the smaller X10 and the X10 Plus please??????!
Is it not too tall to hold like the smaller sibling?
Basil J
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