The BEST Hiding SPOT! Hide Which BEST FRIEND Goes 2 days ago   17:16

Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo finds the best hiding spot so she can rescue her best friend during a hide and seek chase!

#escaperoom #hideandseek #rebeccazamolo
After Matt and Rebecca spent 24 Hours Trapped on Roof with Best Friend! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Spy) the Game Master network posted Hide and Seek in Best Friend Apartment (New Hidden Clues Revealed). Today, Rebecca Zamolo found coordinates to the GMI escape room after her best friend Alice went missing. Matt and Rebecca think they might be hiding Alice there to perform cerebral analysis. Rebecca and her best friends try to rescue Alice by sneaking into the GMI escape room in real life. They find disguises inside and go undercover as scientists. Their secret is revealed and they must trap an agent leading to a hide and seek chase. Matt and Rebecca start searching the hidden tunnels to look for clues and must find the best hiding spot. Once Rebecca and Matt get into the safe room they discover the first secret to the mirror initiative which reveals Rebecca is the next target. Inside the hidden code door they find a key which they think unlocks the safe. It doesn't work so Daniel must hack into the safe using his iphone 11. Matt and Rebecca distract the agent and play a quick game of hide and seek. Daniels hacks into the door and they found the GMI phone. Daniel and Rebecca must separate to rescue Alice but Daniel is trapped and might be missing. In order for Matt and Rebecca to escape they must get into a Battle Royale. Can they save Daniel and rescue Rebeca's best friend in time? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!

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Find Rebecca!

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Rebecca Zamolo
Who of the Game Master network had the best hide and spot during this hide and seek chase?
Ari Salcedo
I subscribed
Tekken Ronsky
bb means big bear
Tekken Ronsky
miror is rz
Cassandra Robinson
Haleigh Pitt
When they were escaping at the end of the video how many times do you think Rebecca said Matt lol
Jules Keez
I have the same bday as danial 1021
Em & Nat Channel
Lucy Bermudez
Daniels Birthday is right before my birthday mine is October 22nd
Dorbe brothers
Matt my birthday is on July 17 2008
Sandra Blankenship
Queenlie Rodaje
I think BB means bestfriend's bedroom
The 4 cringe kids Team
My birthday is 9 20
Michael Lugar
A safe nice
Kristofer Anderson
Yeah who are you Rebecca I have a girlfriend named Rebecca and she's dumb except for you and your little boyfriend of yours
frecita chiquita
Um are you a real person because people don't have magic or real powers
Big Bear
Cupcake Cake yay
I think BB Stan’s for Big Boss
michael wood
jonathan richardson
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Which BEST FRIEND Goes The BEST Hiding SPOT! Hide 2 days ago   20:11

Rebecca Zamolo along with her best friend Matt and Daniel go in disguise to attend a top secret meeting for the GMI.

Which BEST FRIEND Recreates the WORST Norris Nuts TIK TOK *Mystery YouTuber Judges*

Rebecca Zamolo went in disguise with her husband Matt and best friend Daniel for this top secret challenge. Rebecca and Matt are trying to trick the Game Master incorporated by sneaking into a top secret meeting to join the gmi. Today, Rebecca and her best friends must hurry to grab their diy diguises, They immediately notice the top secret meeting is the same building when they were spying on the game master for 24 hours. The first round of auditions is with girls and Rebecca asks them questions about the mysterious gmi. Lisa reveals her friend joined them a few months ago and then went missing. She wants to join the GMI so she can find the truth about her friend. Inside the audition Rebecca uses her spy gadget camera to record the mystery meeting. After each recruit shows their spy ninja skills and hacker skills the GMI agent pick who wins. Daniel and matt are able to hack into the GMI camera but lose quickly lose connection. Rebecca is the first winner and they lock her inside a hidden room. Matt and Daniel are the worst in their groups do not win their role. After realizing Rebecca is missing they must decide on a plan to rescue her. Do you think Rebecca’s disguise worked or will the GMI trap her? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
#rebeccazamolo #disguise #bestfriend

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Find Rebecca!

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