Assistant Pretend Play Treasure Assistant has her Magic Spider Taken 1 day ago   07:29

We love Tom Sawyer Island at Disney's Magic Kingdom!! In this Pretend Play video we hunt for the mythical treasure on Tom Sawyer's Island inside of the Magic Kingdom! Do you think that we will find it?

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In this The Engineering Family YouTube video watch as The Engineering Family and The Assistant head to Disney's Magic Kingdom and explorer Tom Sawyer Island for a secret surprise treasure! What kind of magical Disney surprises do you think they'll find?!? Tell us in the comments!

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Check out the Adventures of The Assistant and Wiggles! It is our animated series featuring the Assistant, her Dog Wiggles, and science experiements! #Familyfun #Familyfunforeveryone #Theengineeringfamily

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ru xin chang
ru xin chang
Mark Raulerson
wow super 900% NOT FUN !!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$
unlawful fruit
Afia Huq
Strikepede is a dark green centipede and she is one of the Sky element Ultra superchargers in Skylanders Ultra superchargers her signature vehicle is the Buzz Fighter
Kamaldin Abdullahi
Hi heather monster under the bed actually we need to catch up. And is also like cheese ok I'm gonna get 18 ok ready steady go that monster always think she's please please if the monster is if you catch the monster let me put cheese in there is my bed famous catches the monster party. Trying to catch it it is too tricky to find it where is that cheeky where's that cheeky monster cheeky cheeky very cheeky is too high I think this fishing line of work I think this one I was going to Qatar that I got cheese for you little monster the cheese is on fighting we need a different method it took a bite of my ear but I got an idea
Kamaldin Abdullahi
Hi welcome back to our channel ice cream hi welcome to our channel and two part three yeah I know trailer I listen to it what's wrong with it is that have crocodiles in it maybe phow old is a dog working this is what's wrong with the willy willy willy willy willy what are you doing to stop it I don't like it
Aiden Wagner
i haven't watched your videos in a long time .
Brianna C Nguyen
The treasure kinda looks like a bear
Addison Mcbride fun vids
I like that shirt assistant and I also have it
The dark angel
Tania Patawaran
Maickel Timmermans
I Love the treasure and cave
fluffy and jasmine the hamsters
since i was 5😇😘😃
Amy Alcala
I want to go see you guys
Matthew Garza
Matthew Garza
Ashyn Lindgren
Love you
Got it now❌
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Assistant has her Magic Spider Taken Assistant Pretend Play Treasure 1 day ago   08:12

The Assistant has had her magical spider, fluffy, taken by Cecilia the witch! She has to use her pony cycle to explore the ultimate box fort village, spooky town, and the hideout to get her spider back!

Spooky Ride by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

#TheEngineeringFamily #Kidsvideo #FunnySkit

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