Marisnick collides with Lucroy MLB 1,000,000 IQ Plays 1 day ago   02:33

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"I remember when this used to be normal.."
Damn. Yeah, Marisnick is a good dude, Alla round.
He obviously tried to avoid the guy. Then tried to change direction with his left foot the very last minute. It’s a freak of nature they happened to go the same direction. Hope the guy recovers fully. Prayers up 🙏🏽
David Emerling
That seemed like an impossible situation for both players. There were a lot of aggravating factors that came into play. For one, the throw was some distance up the third base line. When I first saw the play, I thought Lucroy may have actually been guilty of obstruction (i.e. blocking the runner's access to the plate without possession of the ball). That's generally the rule that is enforced to prevent these type of collisions as a substantial number of these train wrecks at the plate, in the past, were precisely because the catcher was blocking the plate WITHOUT possession of the ball. At the time, there was a small loophole in the rules that allowed the catcher to legally block the plate if receiving the throw "was imminent". They removed that portion of the rule as most catchers abused this provision ... leading to lots of collisions. Now, the catcher cannot block the plate without possession of the ball - PERIOD!

I actually believe Marisnick's explanation of what he was thinking. He thought he was going in the direction AWAY from what he anticipated would be the tag. Some might say, "Why didn't he just slide?" Fair enough. But, considering that Lucroy was somewhat up the third base line, Marisnick would've needed to slide well before he would normally need to begin a slide - thus slowing him down. (It's a myth that you can get to a base faster by sliding. You slide to allude a tag and you slide to prevent from overrunning a base. But you don't slide to get there faster.)

It's simply unfortunate and blame neither player. When big boys play hardball, sometimes they collide with no malicious intent. Train wrecks happen.
But he dropped the ball. Houston should have won.
cheap shot
กะปิ ลิงจริงๆ
J Lo
Out!? Wtf. Catcher dropped the fucking ball. Baseball so stupid because of umpires and their subjective ass calls.
Delaney Wilkinson
What a great show of how sportsmanship is supposed to go down. 100% concern for a fellow sportsman. He knew it was bad as he was starting the slide. He jumped right back to his opponents side. THAT is what I want my children to do, not throw their hands up and start a yelling match and drama like a lot of other players do.
Purple Wave
Don't give an f about base but algorithms man
Ken Sama
Clearly an accident...
Ryan Rye
I don't think the runner is to blame just an accident. The catcher was swaying back and forth from each side of the plate. The runnedidnt know where he was supposed to run. Look at how awkward those last steps are.
T S-dawg
Lucroy rule of baseball kept b-ball game tied... dying sport in the Country
Runner ran out of the base path to spear Lucroy who was not on the line, 3 feet due north!
Adrian Hernandez
It’s the catchers fault. Marisnick never should’ve gotten in trouble for it. I feel bad for both of em but the catcher got in his way.
Ezekiel Rodriguez
We’re not going to act like that guy didn’t ram him and went for the plate first then to him
william sewell
@2:29 when my beers start to check on me.
Cameron Thigpen
If it was intentional he wouldn't have displayed the sportsmanship he did thats my opinion on the matter
HC_Productions_ IG
Well crap he has one of those noses now
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