Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Hat-Trick JUVENTUS Vs Atletico Madrid Penalty 1 day ago   01:41

Bleacher Report
Cristiano Ronaldo led Juventus to a 3-0 victory over Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16, completing a comeback to qualify for the quarterfinals.

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antmon antmon
Stuart Little
*Please Come Back To Real Madrid, Just One Last Time. Please*
Felipe Oviedo
What a penalty kick!!
Ronaldo Soccer Life
Nice ronaldo
Retina Jhon
Besides his ages he still gd player
Gleezy Glee
So y’all not gonna say Real Madrid need him again 🤦🏾‍♂️
Alexander Alvarez
Classic CR7 hat trick . 1 pen , and 2 bangers . (Not hating)
Brian Oliveira
Truly sublime. Ronaldo’s influence on football will be echoed for centuries.
Pete D
2 lucky headers. 😂 and a penalty... c'mon man miss me with that weak shit .😂
Nismo Cash
The King of Europe, True Goat Of 3 Top Leagues Italy, Spain, England. While that midget Messi can be king of catalunya only 😂🤣😁
Tokyo Drift
Real madrid should change hala to jaja then it will be jaja madriiiiiiiiiiiid y nada maaaaaaaaas!
Ronaldo > Lebron
Abu_Sheikh 1
Ronaldo earned my respect what a player from Manchester City fan
All of them were just heads and one penalty
Ev GeNy
My boy
Lalo Cantu
me cae mal el guey pero bueno, es bueno pal fut
Ramon Arellano
He has done it in 3 countries.
25 goals in 33 games against atletico guys. They will accuse him of sexual assault
Reminds me of wolfsburg game
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JUVENTUS Vs Atletico Madrid Penalty Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Hat-Trick 1 day ago   03:07

Champions League Ottavi di Finale ritorno 86' 2° tempo
JUVENTUS Stadium Torino 12/03/2019
3-0(3 Cristiano 1 Rig.)

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