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Prod. Nox Beatz

Video Directed by Ben Proulx and Token

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The fact that this is only 1.6 mill is sad
This is my favorite👌🏻👌🏻
mr copyright m
He’s right guys. We love u man you speak truth and encouragement into our hearts and give US faith to keep going. You mean a lot to a lot of people in this world weather you know them personally or not you’ve stopped some from committing suicide.... you do mean something token. Keep that head up bro. We love you.
Lil Dripp
This song is so fucking good that i made 5 new acc to like it 5 times more
leviathan 1321
A god
Token is a godfather of rap ;d
LL j
rappers are a dime a dozen these days.... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWN
He is good at looking like hes blanking out in his head.
Jared Thompson
thank you token you are awesome
Xd Marshy123
Love the music👌👌😊😊
Soooo good
Soon token gonna be the best (when eminem stops)
👍 My comment
Oaklund Selfors
Hey ik your not gonna see this but are you ok
shes gorgous whats her name?
Damion McClellen
Been listening to token since the beginning of his channel! So much respect to the self made man!
This song made me literally wanna ask “you good?”
TBS I Dead by Daylight
i really underrestimated Token, i saw him in my recommended, and after 10 seconds i thought he was a "wannabe NF" then i heard "Exception" and i realized how hard i underrestimated him. This guy raps lyrics lyrics and lyrics.
No shirts
No shoes
Read title
Gene -
You are amazing Token. I love this song, it has been on repeat for weeks.
For all the people who came here just to read the comments, please gather round. It's selfie time!

Ruben Inzunza
Popped up on my suggestions and it didn’t seem appealing but I heard the first song while it popped in a hip hop instrumental and non into it.
aidan adair
keep doing what your doing brotha your got talent
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Token - New Problems (Official Music Token - No Service (Official Music 1 day ago   04:50

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