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Spider-Man Far From Home Full Movie Breakdown & Analysis! Thanks to Marvel Collect by Topps for sponsoring this breakdown! Download Marvel Collect here: http://bit.ly/2ZLU8xK
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Spider-Man Far From Home Easter Eggs! What Marvel references were hidden throughout Far From Home, and what subtle clues foreshadowed the big twists with Mysterio and Nick Fury? Erik Voss breaks down this latest Spider-Man film scene by scene for all the interesting details you overlooked! What secrets are encoded into every license plate visible in the film? What is the deeper meaning of Peter's battle with Mysterio? And how will the surprise cameo and shocking twist in the Far From Home post credit scenes change the MCU forever?

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Producer: Erik Voss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina http://www.twitter.com/filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: Devin Cleary

Editors: Joshua Hurd, Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión
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#kami anak utara
I see ultron in far from home
Cheese Smoke
What about the selfie he takes near the end? Looks just like one out of the PS4 game.
ho quoc dung
I did watch it
License plate 463? I wonder how you see a 3 there, when I see 462 lmao
Ivayle Denov
What about the Spider-Monkey reference made by Peter to M.J ?
The spider-sense is more like Luke Skywalker and the force
Some still shots looked like they were taken from a cell phone in the theater lol
just saying in endgame they made antman younger, couldn't they do that to cap?
Owen Owen
4. Find X
Gabe Loppatto
also, in mid credit scene mysterio said "spiderman is peter parker" of some sort, and we didnt see him saying that when he was dying, so yeah he definately faked it
Two Eye
I think they know that they can easily write Mysterio back to life but the intent of the film was for him to be dead.
ultra lord
20:50 or a not so subtle reference to Daredevil
Captain Chavez
I LOVE YOU 3000 Hoodies ~ @t
Shubham Pawar
Does Mysterio is comics also use projection technology to create his illusions or does he really have super power of creating illusions?
Plot Twist: none of this is real thanos still messin with yall
Kieran Jones
in the first illusion sequences around the 1:19:30 ish mark there looks to be two matrix references. Touching the mirror much like neo and the agent smith like pile on just after.
shadowfreddyplayz yt
I dont like that Mysterio framed spidey but i do like the suit
Trey Craft1O1
Peter gits nocked into a bell nod to Spiderman 3
YOu forgot about the Zombie Ironman which is based on "Marvel Zombies"^^
Javeria Firdous
Please break down Agents of shield too.. 😍
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Spider-Man: Far From Home - Every Spiderman Far From Home BREAKDOWN! 1 day ago   14:57

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