First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 WE GOT ONE: Up Close with The Mid-Engine 1 day ago   13:47

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Ooyy - Retriever from Epidemic Sound

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LittleKane 07
Itz Tide
Can you get a massive gt spoiler
That’s cool that you were so close away. I’m from Omaha so about 45 mins from Lincoln
Brody Johnson
1:41 ur welcome
Rick Hon
Why is there no sound in most parts?
Alan Klosinski
I loved that Corvette!!!!! WOW!!! Sounded so cool
Manny G
Did he get that oil change yet though?
Mrinal Dutta
I don't hate the supra but if there is any mod to elongate it from the back the car will look great!
Mike NoLimits
That reaction dude at 1:32 had me laughing for minutes hahah ✌🏼
Marilyn Chathury
straight pipe it
Famida Cassim
You are so stupid,you don't take solar masmellow with you
Damn, the audio go during wrap and prep? the copystrike demons take the music down??
Clearly Not Fadhil
Can't wait for the full supra build
kfrancis Masicat
Change the color of your mags in to the white
Garrett Rinehart
Get headlight and taillight tint too
Julia Jeffery
are you going to stay in Utah when you move?
Canadian Gujjars
At first I though he had bad taste in colors until I saw the senna and the super 👍great job
Is ti only for me, the sound was weird, when he got window tint?
Serge Do
Poor focus.
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WE GOT ONE: Up Close with The Mid-Engine First "Simple" Mods for my 2020 1 day ago   13:09

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The new 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette is and probably will be the most talked-about car of the year. The engine is now in the back, everyone wants to see it, and we have the first one on the West coast! We are going frunk to trunk on the 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

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