Polish-Ukrainian War 1919 - The Battle for Lemberg The Battle Of Verdun 2 days ago   22:35

The Great War
Lviv or Lwów are two names for the same city that was known as Lemberg until 1919. The Poles considered it as one of their most important cultural and political centers, the Ukrainians too. And so, in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the question of who would control this city led to conflict: The Polish-Ukrainian War.

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The Great War
Support for this episode also came from Game of Trenches, a free mobile game out now for iOS and Android: http://bit.ly/GameOfTrenches *

*Ads like this help us with the production of this show, for example we were able to hire someone in Kiev this month who was able to get us pictures from the Ukrainian National Archive. This included a lot of analog bureaucracy and of course that kind of work doesn't come for free.
Misha Dubyna
Nice pronunciation of names!
Maekar I Targaryen
Really been enjoying this series on the fallout of the Great War. Topics I had only a cursory knowledge of (or in some cases near none) I now find incredibly interesting.
oleh humeniuk
Ukrainian king Danilo Galitsky built Lviv, Peremyshl and Holm - these are historically Ukrainian cities
oleh humeniuk
Poland used the resources given to it by England and France to destroy the young Ukrainian state and occupy its territory :( Where did start ethnic cleansing against Ukrainians ... poor Ukrainians :*(
The truly sad thing is these people should have been fighting the Soviet Russians not each other.
Lars von Trier
but honestly Ukrainians I don't give a phack about Lwow really, if you could just acknowledge it's incredibly long Polish history it would be nice, you have a country no and it's cool because that makes us one step further from the soviets lol.
greetings from Poland! My last living grandpa was born in Lwów (polish Lemberg) in 1936... he still reminds the city :)
To properly understand what happened in Lwow you have to go way back into polish history. Lwow was always part of Poland and was even considered one of the central cities not only by its importance but also by its location on the map. Imagine how people of Lwow felt when minorities in the city said “we are taking control over this land and we create completely new different state”. It’s like Mexicans would announce in New York that they are taking control over Manhattan and they create a new republic of Mexico in Manhattan
Mark Kchik
What do you mean no Ukrainian state, what was Kiev Russ, that was a state. And since moskovia was never part of Russ this was Ukraine’s state
"The wars of giants have ended, the wars of the pygmies have begun......"
Luc Lub
was polish before
Im from lviv nice vid btw, hello from Ukraine 🇺🇦
sexy krewetka
lies lies lies....

Głupoty opowiadasz. Same kłamstwa.
Frank Grosshans
Indya war cooler
Кирило Тищенко
You're wrong. The nation of the Ukranians previoucelly was called as Ruthenians, named from their historical state of the Rus', we changed the name of nation becauce of Muscovites, in fact, are non slavic christian tatars and finns, wich changed their name between reings of the Peter I and the Catherine II. Muscovites, knowing for you as Russians, has nothing to do with Rus' and politically are successors of the Golden Horde.
Rickard Dahl
During the partitions the Austrians supported Ukrainian conflicts against the Poles. They essentially wanted to reduce Polish influence in East Galicia (or more correctly in Małopolska Wschodnia).
Jozef Bania
Classical - world powers make mess then left it alone and blame people left alone for the chaos.
Unbrilliant Strategy
Everyone : Invades Ukraine
Ukraine : Just leave me alone please
Nikolay Ivankov
Could anyone provide an original version of Baczynski's quote? I am making captions and would like to translate from the original.
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The Battle Of Verdun Polish-Ukrainian War 1919 - The Battle for Lemberg 2 days ago   47:24


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