What a conductor actually does Great conductors in rehearsal 2 days ago   04:42

It’s more than just dancing around.

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If you’ve ever seen an orchestra perform you’ve probably had a difficult time looking away from the person dead center on the stage – the conductor. It’s hard to miss someone as they swing their arms around pointing at the musicians that seem to be focused instead on their music stands. So what exactly is the conductor doing?

We decided to ask James Gaffigan – a conductor who recently guest conducted the New York Philharmonic in Central Park – just what it is that makes a conductor so necessary and how their actions shape the performance.

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So, what do they do again?
I leave mean comments
This is 100% pretentious bullshit.
Jack Bard
Tom & Jerry taught me otherwise
Austin Kennedy
i dont know why im watching this. i know what a conductor does
I always thought it looked like some wizard casting a music spell lmao.
Thomas Zhang
jazz doesn't have conductors
sourab bmk
So what does a conductor do?
the LehZ
So is it that the conductor sets the pace of the music that is being played?
Bluu Blue
The piece that he conducts is Bacchanale by Saint-Saens.
Հովհաննես Մնացականյան
Ooh you need to see what does conductor do during The Sabre dance of Khachaturian. Once i found myself only watching on him forgotten about ballet. That was amazing.
Can anybody tell me the name of the piece playing in the background at 3:20, when he is talking about Karajan? Cheers
I replied
"I think people should focus on the music, not the conductor"
William Silva
More videos like this please
Ulyan Khalif
There is an easier way to explan this: show a play, one with a conductor, one without one.
Joshua Hunter
When the sketchy conductor opens a case and start saying not leviosa, it's leviosAR-15
Lol we’re playing Danse Bacchanale in our school orchestra
almogz 9
make him play the legend of zelda wind waker
GERBAX channel
yeah right
Josue Palomares
As a french horn player when he bought up the more pressure you put on them the worse it gets I started clapping because that is so true. Sometimes i even start to shake and it just goes downhill
Zac Offutt
As a brass player, I can confirm.
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Great conductors in rehearsal What a conductor actually does 2 days ago   05:26

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