What a conductor actually does Open offices are overrated 1 day ago   04:42

It’s more than just dancing around.

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If you’ve ever seen an orchestra perform you’ve probably had a difficult time looking away from the person dead center on the stage – the conductor. It’s hard to miss someone as they swing their arms around pointing at the musicians that seem to be focused instead on their music stands. So what exactly is the conductor doing?

We decided to ask James Gaffigan – a conductor who recently guest conducted the New York Philharmonic in Central Park – just what it is that makes a conductor so necessary and how their actions shape the performance.

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i still dont know what a conductor does on stage
this is idiotic
Ashley D
This explains very little to people who don't already know what a conductor does. He tells a nice story but I still don't see the point.
Not quite my tempo......
Saint Saëns (Samson and Delilah- Bacchanale)
Sax and Relax
This is my degree of experience yay
Emma Norton
We band kids have been knew
He gets the credit for something that would happen anyway without his presence.
Still didn't fully answer the question. The right hand, i.e. the metronome, I understand. But the left hand is still a mystery. Why does he need to direct players with his left hand during the concert? Aren't things like these practiced during practice sessions? Why don't the players know "where the phrase goes" after hours of practicing the same piece?
That bass drum player that only needs to hit one note. Why didn't he learn to hit it before he came to play the concert? Why does he need a conductor during the concert to tell him how to hit that one note?
Cut the crap here. A conductor does their work PRIOR to the actual show. During the performance they are little more than a band leader.
Jigo Antonio Luna
Ur technically ah magician
1:25 McGonagall teaching Charms instead of Flitwick.
I am Not anonymous
When he moved his baton it wasn't edited
It's real magic from Hogwarts
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Marc Minkowski is pretty hammy.
Eleeth Tahgra
Hmmm...so thats why mr bean chrismast music is different
The Norm Show
Put some color lights in front of the orchestra and they will do the job as well, maybe even better. For instance, one light for the the beat.
Vincent Dawg
0:52 and 1:02 A War Orcehstra?
I'm a French horn player bit the pressure thing is true for anyone that plays an instrument
Haroon G.C
Thank you.
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Open offices are overrated What a conductor actually does 1 day ago   06:31

If you work in an office, there's a good chance it's an open one. How did we get here? And why is it so bad?

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Open offices have been around a surprisingly long time. But they're relatively misunderstood for their role in workplace culture. Where did open offices and cubicles come from, and are they really what we want?

This episode of Overrated explores the history, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Herman Miller, and other key figures in the office design movement. Our workplaces haven't always been this way — this is how we got here.

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