Ukrainian and Russian soldiers face Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war? 1 day ago   04:00

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Russian troops fire warning shots at Ukrainian soldiers, after a group marches towards the Russia-controlled Belbek airbase in Crimea.

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Military News Today
good news.
Mika Yah
Love you Russia,. From Chicago Illinois
22 demon
Алексей Волынцев
if Russia enters its troops in the Donbas, the war will end in a couple of days, as it was in Georgia. when Russia led the army into the Crimea, Ukrainian soldiers fled from there, wetting their pants and throwing military equipment and weapons
Алексей Волынцев
Donetsk residents met prisoners of fascist invaders from Ukraine
bw sanjaya
He s like Capt. Winters, BoB series
америка с ними а Россия с Вами.
Max Maxim
умерать вам москалі
Артём Золотницын
Хохлы,вы долбоебы!!!ваша америка вас в жопу ебет,а вы улыбаитесь!дебилы!
Tally Holt
Good for them 👍
0:46 Сука мать твоя понял урод хохлопидорский?! Ты чё охуел Крым своей землеё называть ты там вообще никто, ты скоро привет в аду передавать будешь Мартыненкам! и всей их родне, я вас возненавидел не из-за того что вы на видео вытворяете а из-за Мартыненок понял сука
Russian cunts
Seaman. M
Уёбище. Америка с вами. Выродки
Murad Xan
*Амеряка с нами! 😂*
Gulag ticket
while holding soviet flag....
Long Nguyen
Why must respect the right? Towards the right thing? and keep calm? towards justice?
Tony M
F..k Ukraine nazis, America is with you 😂😂😂😂😂😂 America is with Vietnam Afghanistan Iraq Syria .....
Mega Mike
If this was an American soldier instead of a Russian one, the story could have been, Ukraine troops opened fire first and were neutralized by the great American freedom fighter, true warriors and whatever else bull they like to feed the people with.
CallMeVanda l
Вы посмотрите на командира просто гордость берет за Россию
Красавцы просто
Giorgi Seturidze
Руски хуи салдат!! Фууу🤮🤮🤮😡
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Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war? Ukrainian and Russian soldiers face 1 day ago   07:07

Ukraine has imposed martial law in parts of the country. Ukraine's president said it was necessary to prevent the "extremely serious" threat of a Russian invasion. The move follows Russia's seizure of Ukrainian warships off the disputed Crimean Peninsula. A number of Western nations have condemned Moscow, but the Kremlin insists that it was provoked. At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, US envoy Nikki Haley said Russia had committed an "outrageous violation" of Ukraine's sovereignty.

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