Ukrainian and Russian soldiers face Ukrainian Military Give Up Their 2 days ago   04:00

Channel 4 News
Russian troops fire warning shots at Ukrainian soldiers, after a group marches towards the Russia-controlled Belbek airbase in Crimea.

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Асланбек Арсамеков
Снами алллах
Keith Riemer
The Russian Officer had allot of patients...bravo on his part...
Alex Garcia
Shoot this Ukrainen basters
Fact Fan The Fan channel
Why Russia is so tolerance ? Tech lesson to treaters
Somakau Buto
Да америка с вами это точно о чем с ними разговаривать то сами скакали сами стихи читали что не братья а тут переобулись мерзкие людишки
Hvala Bogu sto sam Srbin
Snami Bog,long Live Russia
Cloie Leyland
They were lucky America wasn’t literally with them or those Russians would of got smoked
Jaguar Jaguar
Зря конечно.. Надо было по ногам покосить их и пусть ползком обратно в свою дырявую Окраину!!! Отбросы общества и выродки планеты!!!
Jack Allen Dereck
I think this is the problem of the Slavs, Westerners should not get involved. That the Slavic community will solve it, The Americans should not get where it does not suit them or they could provoke a real war against Russia. We have enough problems with terrorists, drugs, contraband, corruption, racism, poverty, unemployment among others. I hope that someday there will be peace again as brothers who are.

Вадим Овчаренко
Кацапские ублюдки
Amanjol Syerik
Россия исправил ошипку хрущёва вeрнулись крымский народ к россию
Hunter Lacasse
"Old fashioned car horn"
Khan Pak
Russian are very calm and strong
Александр Попов
Вот и пиздуйте в америку
Leader success !
Go home Russian asshole fuq Russian pig's .!
wassar грозный
Интересно если бы тип тот с мухи ебанул
1234 5
Was für ein Menschenmüll! Erst die Waffen aus Moskau bekommen. Und dann gegen die eigenen einsetzen. Pfui Ukraine is nothing . Entschuldigt euch gefälligst bei Mutter Russland und ergebt euch ihr billigen platzpatronen
Ioodame shullet
F****k ukrain
Abdullahi Issack
God Bless Russia.
Azerbaijan Armed Forces
Rusia Terrorist
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Ukrainian Military Give Up Their Ukrainian and Russian soldiers face 2 days ago   11:55

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Last week, Ukraine launched an anti-terror campaign to recapture the cities being occupied by pro-Russia protesters. So far, the campaign hasn't been going so well.

On April 16, the second day of the campaign, Ukrainian military moving into Sloviansk — the focal point of the pro-Russia forces — and gave up their equipment. The armory was brought to the center of town where it has become a local amusement.

Elsewhere, crowds of pro-Russia protesters stopped a column of Ukrainian troops in Kramatorsk and made them disarm. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky was on the scene as Ukrainian forces disarmed their weapons and vehicles.

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