Ukraine war: dashcam footage The Five Worst Weapons Still 10 months ago   00:23

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A dashboard camera purports to show the shelling of a residential area in Ukraine's strategic port of Mariupol on Saturday. The video, posted to social media by Mariupol resident Viktor Zubritsky, shows cars driving along a street when large explosions occur in the road ahead. The footage comes as pro-Russian rebels launch an offensive against the eastern Ukrainian city.

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Lasha Melashvili
when will empire pay for his crimes.
R.I.P.. The People in the truck 🚛
Andrei AVG
War crimes. 😣
Tom Rea
Mylovesong lefi'
people in the first car....are alive?
see this sparks after detonation, its a cluster rocket or bomb ! bad ass fucking things
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The Five Worst Weapons Still Ukraine war: dashcam footage 10 months ago   07:16

OK, so this one is up for debate, but we've put together a list of the top five worst weapons that are still in regular legal use, today. From downright nasty technology to devastating to local civilians, many of these weapons are in the process of being banned, or have had campaigns launched to outlaw them. Disagree? Let us know if there's something you think should be on the list. There's a couple of things we didn't include -- The first is chemical weapons, because *most* countries have now banned them and they are only very rarely used, and the second is 'dum dum' or hollow/soft point bullets. These particularly horrendous rounds open up and expand on impact, causing massive internal injuries and making removing the bullet very difficult to remove. Whilst police and civilians in some countries still use them, they are outlawed in warfare.

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