PROOF That Super Bowl 20 MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS IN SPORT 1 day ago   06:07

I can't believe I've had to come back so soon to share the truth again, and they thought we wouldn't find out!

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Neil Pavao
lol this was great
Joey Beanz
The T-shirts are printed in advance for both teams.
Annonymous Ew
Baron did hold James white definitely...I am no Patriots fan at all!!!...but Barron did hold James white...grabbing and pulling any part of the jersey or body period!! Is considered holding on offense or defense
Rob Beseda
They already have hats & t-shirts made for both teams so whoever wins has them when the game is over & they burn the losers hats & t-shirts! You proved nothing!!!
drew marlowe
Its really a joke? How...cuz it doesn't seem at all humorous to me Really lol....i was seriously going to comment asking if you had brain damage cuz of the whole..."its a set up cuz they already had shirts and hats made up saying the pats were superbowl champs!"
They do both teams every year as far as ive ever known
Ryan Herring
5:40 😂😂😂😂
bentley Jordan
A dB can’t grab a wr Jersey guy. That’s a hold lmao 😂 this dude also that fumble overturned at the beginning should have been the guys knee was down when it got stripped. Come on Man U need to do better than that
Ralph Cotter
I agree with just about all your thoughts,but the tee shirt comment is incorrect and not true. Both teams in the Super Bowl always print and have hundreds of shirts,hats,and other swag waiting for the winner. They take the losing teams shirts and so on and are either destroyed and or given to certain people as gifts and auctions. They have been turning up in pawn shops,sports memorabilia collections,and many other places. But the majority are donated to poverty stricken towns and villages not in America. The rest are destroyed.
LaVoyd James
Larry Harding
These comments got me dying 🤣
They make t-shirts for both teams the losing teams merchandise goes to a 3rd world country
Joshua Zammit
no Donald just sucks and if you watched before the game started he says good luck to Brady and Donald
Jeremy Pawelkiewicz
This guys an idiot.. They print 2 sets of shirt and hats so the are prepared for whatever outcome. And they disguard the losing teams apparel at the end of the game.. Very common for championships in all team sports..
Garrison Barlow
These people who think the nfl is rigged are so stupid! This video says mark Barron is called for holding and then doesn’t even show mark barrons hold. He showed only the play😂
Gavin Page
I hope he's not serious about this😂😂
Ju D
Wow u just learning this..
David Wright
Bro your dumb. They make both sets a shirts and hats you can't be that dumb buddy ..... lol
Dinkins masonry
Holding the jersey is holding.
dave mondt
This is satire and I get it.

But I also did count three pass interference calls that weren’t made, and one weak-ass holding penalty that killed a drive when the Rams were building momentum for the lead.

Yes the first bad call for the “defenseless receiver” resulted in no points but it did change field position.

The game wasn’t rigged but that doesn’t make it well officiated. It wasn’t.
Rob Loua
Dude your fucking retarded
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20 MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS IN SPORT PROOF That Super Bowl 1 day ago   06:08


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