PROOF That Super Bowl Breaking News: NFL Admits to Rigging 2 days ago   06:07

I can't believe I've had to come back so soon to share the truth again, and they thought we wouldn't find out!

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Michelle Britton
About the T shirts, there were Rams shirts made to incase they won, T shirts and hats are made before the game in favor of both teams every Super Bowl
Grant Vasquez
They make that stuff before the SEASON! How do you think they make Super Bowl rings?
Jackson Miller
They make the shirts and hats before the game for BOTH teams if you didn't know that.
We got to do what we got to do to win
Ayden rose
You guys know how ben Belichick is always all cranky and mad at super bowl press conferences and then this one he is all happy and excited?
daniel crowley
You have such a sad life
Martin Foust
You know the short are already made for both team so when they win they get them
Yeah yeah yeah go back to your English football, dumb Brit.
Matthew Brown
Gematria effect news can tell you why if you wanted to know
Shoayb Mughal
The Patriots used 2 men on Aaron Donald
Shoayb Mughal
Pulling a Jersey is holding
it absolutely was rigged.

los angeles = 37 and 53
patriots = 37 and 53
the patriots beat the rams 17 years earlier. 20-17 combined = 37
met again in super bowl "53"
patriots 59th season the 17th prime
the rematch from 17 years prior where rams lost with 17 points...

much more but everything is this way time to wake up people.
Owen Simon
Your stupid
Owen Simon
You just hate the patriots
Ken Lewis
The t-shirts are made ahead of time to reap the sales of the excitement of the moment. The shirts for the tea that loses wind being shipped to Africa and Central and sold for next-to-nothing. So, if you go to Central African Republic, you just may see a kid running around in an Arizona Cardinals Champions Super Bow XLII Champions shirt.
Morgan Daniel
I somehow made it 3 minutes into this nonsense before stopping it. This is just stupid. If it is a joke, it is a bad one. If it is real, it is just painfully stupid.
Colin Howard
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I just got clickbaited
And so did you
Lounoir Records
EVERY superbowl is rigged
in case you didn't know
Daniel Andre
The NFL wants the Patriots with 6 SBS because that leaves 2 other historic teams with 1 SB to tie the Patriots n Steelers. That's the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. The NFL is extremely rigged. The 49ers and Jimmy G beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in SB 54 in Historic fashion. It's all gonna set up the next Golden Boy of the NFL and who better then pretty boy smile Jimmy G...
Just Bake
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Breaking News: NFL Admits to Rigging PROOF That Super Bowl 2 days ago   06:07

The use of all video clips here fall within the legal standard set by the Fair Use Section of the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107. This is not a real news story. Several short video clips have been edited in a way to give an entirely new narrative. Even the videos of the interviews and the News anchors have been heavily edited to create a new narrative. Including editing the ticker, Headline graphic, and on screen photos. This is done as a parody, to poke fun at the original clips as well as the targets of the video.

After Jaguars player blows the whistle on the NFL rigging games, Commissioner Roger Goodell admits to the accusations, acknowledging the long time suspicions of fans. In this Satire Parody News Story, WFKE News delves deep into the nuance of game rigging.

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