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This is the January 30, 2018, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:21 Opposition leader Juan Guaido called for new street demonstrations to take place on Wednesday, as Maduro faces intensified pressure to resign.

5:59 Harvard is being sued by a group called Students for Fair Admissions for alleged discrimination against Asian students. The plaintiffs hope to end the use of race in admissions and affirmative action. The case reaches beyond Harvard and has created conversation in homes for high school kids applying to elite colleges across the country.

18:16 17 Bipartisan members of the House and Senate met to try to cut a deal to fund the homeland security department

21:44 VICE News looks at some of Trump gadfly Wayne Barrett’s first big scoops, but we’ll also take a dive into this as yet only partially processed counter-presidential library.

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Dj Akin
I don’t think race should be apart of the college application but their has to be a way to level the playing field not everyone gets to goto good middle and high schools
Cole Tanner
Universities are so overrated. Social sciences are so old and useless. Universities need to start teaching useful things like how to fix and manufacture.
Mondo Gonzo
How is tweeting in a two-dimensional world inserting yourself in a three-dimensional world?
Mondo Gonzo
A white conservative fighting for minorities doesn't seem to fit Vices narrative.
de Bunnies
wtf ? it has nothing to do with your skin color, wtf wtf , what kind of mentality is that ? if its all about racism, they wont allow any color enter their institution.
Double O Seven
Just go to a public state school. No reason to go to private schools.Waste of time and money.
DeJulius Caesar
Affirmative action is racist. White/Asian kids both were just as qualified but the Blatino dude was the one who got in out of the three.
Mighty Boosh
Vice is still total shit , come here to thumbs down and leave
Nick Blackburn
If they did away with affirmative action why would people still question how a black person got into the school? They would know they made it on their own merit...
SerenaWilliams LovesBigWhiteCock
Diverse means less white
Adam Kir
I'm Asian, and I personally do think that Affirmative Action is a good thing, but not as it stands right now. When admissions office looks at the race and the race ONLY, it's not good. Many Blacks in America have fewer opportunities because of their socio-economic background, so what, ideally, in my opinion, a good system would look not only at the race but also at the socio-economic dynamic of our society. Blacks from low income households deserve to be admitted by Affirmative Action because those students have fewer opportunities and bigger obstacles. On the other hand, Blacks from high and medium income households would not get the privilege of Affirmative Action. Race is just a flat and lazy criteria for admission. Admission offices should look deeper because nothing is ever simple.
Edit: My idea might be bad as well because it would bloat bureaucratically and make those colleges even more expensive because bureaucracy is inefficient and expensive by nature.
cj smith
race should not be allowed on a college application
Lol how is the AA not removed yet, you either beat other kids in grade or you are out how simply and fair that is. People just assume Asian do better in school than other kids what kind of nonsense is this ?
Jordan B Peterson
Notice how the black family parents are described as being from Panama and Jamaica, while the other kid's mom is just described as "white" and the dad is from Taiwan, but he's, like, been here for a long time. Vice can't even report on blatant unintentional racism from affirmative action without trying to make excuses.
Wesley J
There’s no justification for preferential treatment of whites over Asians. Blacks and Latinos have to overcome racism; what the hell did white people have to overcome to deserve preferential treatment over Asians in college admissions?!
Wesley J
It is so weird how we fetishize Ivy League schools. We give these schools way too much cultural capital in our society. And inevitably it just benefits rich white people who are disproportionately likely to attend these schools
3 hours a day on a bus to school. That's what racial forced desegregation brought: bitterness from preventing a kid from going to a school one block away. Because Social Justice Warriors wanted equality, not equity, reparations and to inflict pain on groups of people. Way to fight racism! With more racism! And the black kid rationalizing reparations; how he could honestly argue for anything other than admission based on merit shows a lack of self-respect. If he had any, he wouldn't say that. smh
Matt Beat
You mispronounced Bangkok
Affirmative action gives low IQ blacks an upper hand on everybody else. It is not right and, in some cases, it's dangerous depending on the situation(i.e. air traffic controllers). Unfortunately, the *very few* smart blacks have to deal with the assumptions and questioning of their qualifications too and it's not fair to them. #putanendtoaffirmativeaction
Learn to Code. Why not tell the truth.
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Affirmative Action | Patriot Act with Ivy League Affirmative Action & Trump 2 days ago   21:48

Hasan Minhaj breaks down the history of affirmative action, its impact on his experience with the modern education system, and how a recent lawsuit against Harvard that could go to the Supreme Court could change it forever.

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