War in Ukraine, Part 14 (Operations) | History Ukraine War - Heavy Firefight During 5 months ago   19:56

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Over the entire duration of the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas, not a single unit took part in any operation fully staffed. The shortage of manpower and vehicles forced the Ukrainian command to spread out its forces. Losses and breakdowns forced them to fight with what they had rather than what they should have had according to official documents. Combined units were being used everywhere. Any of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could simultaneously be present both in the ATO zone and, for example, outside of it, on the border with Transnistria.
This is the fourteenth episode of the series “About the ATO - The History of War.” We are trying to understand the course of the anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine, its causes and effects. What does Russia have to do with it? And how the aggression of Russia against Ukraine could pose a threat to Europe.
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Russian terrorists love firing artillery from densely populated areas. A true mark of soulless evil scum. Slava Ukraine and to hell with putlers cannon fodder!
David Reynoso
Go Ukraine. God bless
Khalifa As
Unneeded war this must be stopped and peace must be restored by both waring side
Otherwise we will lose Human life
And loved ones for nothing
Steve Arthur
Sad how gullible people are. If Russia *ACTUALLY* invaded, the war would of been over in 2014, retards.
Kyle Crawford
The inaccuracies are non stop. Flame throwers? Show me one flamethrower used in action in the Donbas. Underground tunnels? That’s not how this war was/is fought.
Nico Brouwers
I feel sorry for UA
Russia have nothing to seek in UA
Slava Slava Azov
Slava Slava UA
Slava Slava DAF

From Nico Brouwers
Haribo 73
8:57 minutes.... Ukrainian soldiers equipped with British Army helmets and then a few seconds after, some others in US Army ones as well!! The British Kevlar lids are pretty decent!!
Haribo 73
Slava Ukraine from here in England!!
goran stojanovic
hahha you making me laugh great umbiased documentary in hollywood style but hey you know that people are brainless and would eat everything without a questions asked or any trutfull and deep research its ok bdw you by making this documentary in hollywood style is helping us people who look the bigger picture and have wast knowledge of things see even more easyer your umbiased stance is off the charts keep doing it in this manner so i can show my students and teach them even quicker about propaganda and many other things i just hoep you continue making this type of videos so i can have more materials to show discrepancies between your potrayal of truth and what actualy was going on
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Ukraine War - Heavy Firefight During War in Ukraine, Part 14 (Operations) | History 5 months ago   08:23

Ukraine War - Heavy Firefight During Intense Clashes In Illovaisk.
Pro Ukrainian forces in heavy fighting and firefight during intense clashes in the area of Illovaisk. This Video shows Ukrainian forces pounding pro russian seperatist positions with heavy machine gun and tank fire. It is unclear if this footage was taped before the famous siege of Illovaisk or if it is a recent counterattack on pro russian forces in the area but this video was just released today.

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