Fifty Cons of Way | April 10, 2019 Steve Martin mocks Roger 2 days ago   07:38

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Kellyanne and George Conway's public feuding has been a funny bit of news for us to partake in, but nobody is having as much fun with it as Kellyanne and George are.

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CN What I'm Saiyan?
Joshua Sweetvale
Maaaybe Conway and Trump are having an affair and George got disillusioned.
I would very much like to unhear Samantha saying "yes, insult me more daddy."
Maybe Kellyanne should be called on The Hill and testify against Trump and the administration
Matt Leary
The worst part of this is that George Conway is saying the truth. It’s sad that it’s being framed as opposition to his spouse and that the other details of this sordid affair stand out more than the fact that this man is telling facts. Our president IS unfit for the position and does have at least one untreated personality disorder. It has nothing to do with political persuasions. They are unavoidable facts and still half of Congress and half the country lies about the situation. But let’s focus on the “political” reality show he created for us instead...
barry clarke
Trump and turdoch (sorry) murdoch must hate sam bee, thank god we can still appreciate this sort of humour, but 4 how long i wonder ?
Jeff Johnson
The enemy of my enemy is simply the immune system reacting to a parasite.
david owens
Geezuz H. Krist. Are we still pretending that this scabrous little bottle blonde bimbette has any relavance to any one with an I.Q. above 60? At some point she WILL disappear, and all that will be left are some vaguely disturbing memories that serve to remind one of the unpleasantness of recurring nitemares...........
They're just hedging their bets, everybody. They want to secure employability should #45 get ousted in 2020. I hope to never see KA Conway ever again.
Salene Brom
Curved members are a result of circumcision taking to much skin
(Do NOT look up the cons of circumcision if you don’t want to end up wanting to throttle people)
Yes I’m Blessed
White Grimace! LOL! I love you Sam & Friends!
I am sure they are booking for a their own fox news show. Kelly will need a job after trump leaves office...or God forbid she is
Sexy Bob
You had me at "They are getting off on this arn't they..."
Thaddeus Sargeant
sam has a cool shirt, what does the graphic say
Joshua Davis
Leftist are so desperate and hypocritical.
Uh... You need to check your facts, Sam.
Everyone knows that the Bowling Green Massacre was Rand Paul getting massacred by his neighbor over the landscaping.
Mojojojo films
Noelia Jaime
To me,it's ALL a show for publicity.
Ahnobi Ahnobitok
I wonder if KellyAnne Conway s kids are home schooled
2025: (Fox News) "Next on the Kellyanne and George hour..."
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Steve Martin mocks Roger Fifty Cons of Way | April 10, 2019 2 days ago   06:41

"Saturday Night Live" host Steve Martin appeared as Roger Stone to roast the former Trump adviser's arrest and indictment on charges related to the Robert Mueller investigation.

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