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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Kellyanne and George Conway's public feuding has been a funny bit of news for us to partake in, but nobody is having as much fun with it as Kellyanne and George are.

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Shala Taebi
What Samantha? They're together in every show they put out - it's all coordinated. I wont be surprised if Trump at the final hour would plead insanity as his final show of getting more supporters, no matter what!
Thomas Jones
She should just be quiet. Men are talking.
Jade Birk
Trump Administration: shitshow in a dumpster fire, couldn't said it more eloquently
crystal miller
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... Why man ??? 🤨
Sammi Bergman
I do think Kellyanne would be getting fewer questions about this if the genders were reversed.
Your Conscience
The conways are just putting on a fake fight
Lupe Castillo
Hey come after me you don't want to play with me cuz I remember the pizza parlor
Lupe Castillo
I'm glad that this section came out it's real simple this guy in my opinion is a faget
Andria Marie
That was really dumb. Cut your writers' pay.
jim catalfamo
I think Samantha Bee should be the queen of the United States. That way we can cut off her head and do the world a favor.
Mikayla Bansie
smellyann would defend drumpf after he molested her kids. make a groomer again- maga
Grace Grit and Glory
He is brutal against Trump.
Donna Clarkson
Oh my I've just seen this woman and I love her!
Caitilin Ploof
“If you’re into it, just be into it.”
Herb Tenderson
Sam you should smile more, maybe show some leg.
Alan Lambert
Is it cyber-cucking?
CN What I'm Saiyan?
Joshua Sweetvale
Maaaybe Conway and Trump are having an affair and George got disillusioned.
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Kim Kardashian Attorney At Law | The Daily Show Fifty Cons of Way | April 10, 2019 2 days ago   04:58

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir is forced out of office, Lori Loughlin's legal strategy backfires, and Kim Kardashian announces her intention to become an attorney.

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