Why Is This Happening!! Smith Lake Alabama 2019 2 days ago   18:10

I thought about sinking this thing for about a minute...But that isn't going to happen

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id like to inturn wiht you guys but iv never beenn fishing
turkey bandit
Fuel line is backwards small and towards tank
John White
coil, ????????they will idle,,but when you give it gas for a little while the coil gets hot and messes up get a good repair man, it sucks to be stuck like chuck on the water late at night in the mosqitos,,,,hey you never know could be the carbs,,,I think its the fireing system,,,,,,,good luck brother,,in arms
pin hole in you fuel pump diaphram
Ryan Oman
clean your carb. its flooding
Burris Self
Carbs cleaned, fuel pump, fuel water separator.
Jackson Henderson
My boat did the same thing and the gas can was what was wrong with it
cody laird
Gas line
Cory of all Trades
carborator or fuel pump
Angel Hernandez
Change the fuel line to costguard approved type A or B. Type A is for below deck type B is for above deck have the carbs surviced and fuel pump checked also check if the fuel tank is ventalating properly.
Have you tried the blinker fluid?
Richard Miller
I had the same thing happen to me. Try cutting the fuel line back on both sides. It sounds like the fuel line is either cracked or the inside lining is wadding up. The inner lining on mine was wadded up.
Jeremy pifer
Your friend should throw those shoes in the river.
KT _Wyatt
OMG I only live 30 mins away from googan hq
Jake Lowery
Check the carb
Jacob Phillips
take apart the carbs and the needle valve is stuck open letting the fuel overflow
"It was staying so hard at home" . It has performance issues
Gregory Crum
Try cleaning carburetor
Hawg Wyld Fishing
Probably carb problem
Trace Scott
My boat did the same thing but turns to find out there was water in gas and once I ran it put of the carb it runs great
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Smith Lake Alabama 2019 Why Is This Happening!! 2 days ago   46:59

Stage 5 of the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour on Smith Lake, Alabama. First place prize is $100,000. Cullman, Alabama is the host city for the 5th stop on the very first season of the major league fishing pro tour. Smith Lake is known for its Spotted and Largemouth Bass.

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