Paw Patrol get a New House Toy Learning Video Mom wakes Alena and ice cream minibus 2 days ago   12:45

Genevieve's Playhouse - Toy Learning for Kids
Paw Patrol get a New House Learning Video for Kids! In this preschool toy learning video for kids, the Paw Patrol are moving to a new house. Let's teach kids basic words and reading skills using common household objects, as the Paw Patrol move to their new toy doll house. The baby pups aren't sure if they like the idea of a new house and new school. Moving can be scary and confusing. Will the Paw Patrol pups like their new house and new school? Find out in this educational toy learning video for kids and toddlers, that teaches reading skills and common words and features awesome toys like the Li'l Woodzeez Camper and more!

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Mom wakes Alena and ice cream minibus Paw Patrol get a New House Toy Learning Video 2 days ago   10:03

Alena is sleeping in her playhouse. Mom wants to wake Alena, but the girl does not wake up in any way. Mom dances and sings, makes noise and plays loudly in color toys. But here comes a minibus with ice cream.
Watc a story how Mom wakes Alena and ice cream minibus is coming

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