Evolution of FaZe Sway Season "I can drink this whole bottle 1 day ago   17:02

FaZe Sway
Intro Song: https://ufl.ae/videow/aX0ay5o5w8s

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FaZeSway
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fazesway/

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L0r3 144hz
I would just like to be noticed ... look at my latest video and tell me what you think!
michi 095
Go back to india fucking dumb
MST_ Shad0w
I barely can play how Faze Sway plays in season 6-7 but I’m on mobile
Shapo Dudo
Bist du aus Bonn, pinchar
Rapaz Jota
*He in season one plays better than me today*
Hackjy YT
Sin vida social
Qtvil ClapZ
Sway, you need to play battle royale most of you’re latest video have a a lot of creative
Niggachu B
Evolution of a virgin
Ana Arroyo
His building is so fast you need to watch it at 0.25×
Schadow skiller
Dark bomber is The best
Jordan Tremblay
Season 10.....Cheating
Hi leute wie gehts

Ich brauche Koks also abonniert mich
Dev Shah
I challenge you
niba niba
Updated settings pls
William West
Omg that motion blur from season 2
Xrwdshooterz Fr
phoenix young
Sway your so good 😭😭
Bir Rai
Did u 1v1 asaa
LORD vs sway 1vs1
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"I can drink this whole bottle Evolution of FaZe Sway Season 1 day ago   10:49

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