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Zimbabwe's economic crisis is putting more pressure on the country's only commuter train. Authorities brought back the rail service in November after it was suspended 13 years ago. But last month's fuel price hike has increased demand, and as Philip Owira reports some say the government needs to come up with a more sustainable solution.

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High amount of corruption is the only and real problem in zimbabwe
Salman Ishaq
Peter-john De Jong
Zimbabwe, what did you do to your infrastructure?
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Deadliest Journeys - Congo’s trucks Zimbabwe Commuter Train: Train 2 days ago   48:21

Five times bigger than France, third largest country in Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is, foremost, one of the world’s richest countries in raw materials. There’s cobalt, mainly used in mobile phones and the aeronautics industry, copper, zinc, gold and diamonds in astounding quantities. Our cameras focused on Katanga, a province in the south of the DRC, which has three quarters of the country’s wealth. We accompany Eugene, owner of a truck, laden to the top with goods, that must travel from Lubumbashi, the country’s economic capital, to his native city of Bukama, 400 miles to the north. The journey from Lubumbashi to Bukama takes four days. At the wheel is « the prince of the highway », answering to the name of Domingo, aided by three escorts: Elephant, Bijou and Maroquin. They cling onto the outside of the truck and are the driver’s eyes and ears throughout the journey. We accompanied them for the whole of the trip, a nightmare along almost totally unusable roads, an African remake of the « Wages of Fear » set against a background of organized looting of the country’s wealth by three principal countries: China, India and the USA.

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