🇻🇪 Venezuela: Maduro defends 🇸🇩 Sudan's president: Only 1 day ago   02:46

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Venezuela's president is set to be sworn into office for a second six-year term on Thursday.
But many Latin American countries including Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, say they won't recognise Nicolas Maduro's leadership.
The country is in deep economic crisis, and millions of Venezuelans have fled to neighbouring countries.
Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports from the capital Caracas.

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Margaret Green
These dear people have no food, and no personal goods. Just need to know? How do they pay their cell phone bill. They all have EXPENSIVE phones. PLEASE WHAT GIVES?
Maduro is a traitor to his own people
Vicente Hidalgo Cifrian
Spain 🇪🇸
People are starving with no access to medicine. It's an epidemic. How can Maduro sit there and act like he's doing anything but bringing misery to a dying country?
Jennifer Veterans4truth
Sure looks like Columbias to me trying to take advantage of the Venezuelan People
pablo lean
maduro = hitler
janan berserker
Low IQ people will never rise.
Jesus Barrera
Maduro needs to be purged. He’s a plague to the earth. Do your thing America.
Socialism kills
Michael La Riviere
Turkey is the next victim the USA has in its sights. Unless Erdogan does the bidding for the American government, they'll be going down with Venezuela. The writing is on the wall.
Michael La Riviere
This is so typical. The CIA and the American government have put all their propaganda machines to work on Venezuela and have convinced many that Maduro is supposed to be a dictator. Anyone who doubts that this is just another of the many coups the USA and their CIA have created against any country that wants to create a socialist state and a state elected by its own people, only needs to read documented archives stored in Washington for the truth to be revealed. Countless books from countless documents stored in the American archives have been written by many American journalists revealing the truth behind the more than a hundred coup d'etats around the world, sponsored and financed by the CIA under the auspices of the American government. Chavez may have appeared to be paranoid when he exposed what the CIA have been doing in Venezuela and the many attempts to overthrow him but unfortunately, the American propaganda machine has been very persuasive in hiding the truth and discrediting both Chavez and now Maduro. Venezuela sits on the second largest oil reserves in the world and the USA wants it!
Joseph Smith
Hispanics/Latinos/Brazilians have destroyed and ruined everything from Argentina to Mexico... Latin America has so much potential, yet, so poor and backward!
Thomaᛋ Clair
Why is Saudi Arabia treated different than Venezuela ? I see a double standard here .
Jon Laughlin
It's going to take an armed revolution to force Maduro out. Will the United States of America be sending in the Marines, or will the Latin Americans do it by themselves, or will everybody sit back and just complain as we in the west usually do?
Big congratulations to president Maduro!
Ramon Abrego
Les guste o no les guste Viva Chávez y Maduro putos Ratas 😂😂😂✌
I breathe Napalm
Increasing value by decreasing cost of goods? Isn't it the other way around? You can't just slap a low price tag and make it cheaper. God, a rock could make a better job than him.
Tito Bokya
Vi va la Venezuela
Command economy does not work
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🇸🇩 Sudan's president: Only 🇻🇪 Venezuela: Maduro defends 1 day ago   02:43

Protesters are angry about rising food prices and the unstable economy.
Rights group say 40 people have been killed in anti-government protests, the government puts the figure at 19.
They are calling for President Omar al Bashir to step down.
But he remains defiant. He addressed his opposition group saying: "those who are seeking power, they are welcome. However, there's only one route to grab power - it is the ballot boxes. It is only through transparent, free elections."
But elections are more than a year away, and those protesting say they want him to step down sooner rather than later.
Al Jazeera's Hiba Morgan reports from Khartoum.

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