Use Flickr To Store Unlimited Photos Google Drive vs iCloud vs Dropbox 2 days ago   01:22

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Flickr gives you the freedom to store unlimited videos and photos on the cloud. It has full privacy control, Auto backup from Phone and desktop. Also includes, organize photos in albums and folders.
I truly loved this app and purchased pro version.

Free version include 1000 photos and pro version has unlimited storage and cost around $50/year.

You can use coupon code FLICKRPRO30 to get 30% Off for the first year.

Now focus on clicking more pics and forget how to store them.
Happy clicking.

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Google Drive vs iCloud vs Dropbox Use Flickr To Store Unlimited Photos 2 days ago   04:46

iCloud, Google One, OneDrive & Dropbox... Cloud storage options are all over the place. Google One now have boosted their pricing to a new structure, ranging from 100GB to 30TB or even more. In today's video, we'll be putting Google One pricing out against the likes of Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud.

Google One's new pricing:

0:30 - Google Drive's UI upgrades
1:20 - Existing Google Drive pricing
1:55 - New Google One pricing
2:25 - iCloud storage
3:00 - OneDrive storage
3:28 - Dropbox storage
4:00 - How Google One compares

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