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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.

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İdris Cinar
top secret elon musk !!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱
Suzanne Depocas
You guys are so interesting! I was fascinated by this conversation. Thank you for opening my mind.
Joe "wake up fuckface" Rogan
Arjan Plantinga
odd that this man seems unaware of the Electric Universe
Brita Filter
81:45 I believe those are called tree's lol?
This is one weird mothafucka😭😭😭
Adam G Baird
Joe interviewing Elon Musk.... NAILED IT!! Just a great interviewer. I have watched Elon in other interviews get bored and basically talk so no one can understand just so it ends....HOWEVER Joe keeps Elons A.D.H.D. ECT. attentive and comfortable and did nothing but act himself and ask REAL QUESTIONS. Great interview Joe. This is why we all love ya brother. Your a good person.
Hey Elon! Its me. Dude, I got an idea for you. I can get you a stream of stready money to help drive your future ambisstions and make you a world hero all at once. Call me I am the big idea guy, and the thing is dude, you already gotthe tech to make it happen, I got the idea. I have a lot of them, God loves me.
Louie Montes de Oca
Joe is such a fan boy😂👍
1:28 all cars have had traction control since fucking 1995. My car is a 2002 rwd and it will not slide sideways in the snow, With trac on. It uses the abs + brakes to slow down each wheel quite impressively. Obviously telsas tech is 20 years newer but it's not amazingly than every other car. Cars still crash.
Mark Brown
22 million hits wtf. two dudes smoking pot, talking bs
Max Hines
Isn't a Tesla car already technically solar powered if you power your home with solar power and use that to charge it up?
Gladius music + driving a tesla = Epic.
Incomprehensible Vastness
From about 1:19:20 when he talks about carbon dioxide he really gets emotional right!?
Ole Alvær
I'd love to hear a chat between Elon and Nick Offerman
Luis Ramirez
Elon musk stole the flamethrower idea? I don't get it
Justin Akers
After I ate mushrooms I realized how redundant our lifestyles are today. I totally agree with Joe is saying. I don’t really care about wealth or social status, although I never really have much, I pretty much don’t at all now. If our advanced intelligence is anything like that, could be interesting. I’m excited. I want one of those neuro-chips. I hope I’m still alive when they have them and all the kinks are worked out.
Nathan Soper
There is no way musk is human
David Franz
This made me depressed for some reason.
Optimism, I need more of It
Great interview , Elon Musk is doing great things
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Joe Rogan Experience #1151 - Sean Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon 1 day ago   2:34:27

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