Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Joe Rogan Experience #1103 - Tom Segura 2 days ago   2:37:03

Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.

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Crub The Grub
Never a truer thought on a fascinating stage connected with the retrospective mind. On the eve change within the expanse of the marvel's belonging to being, we keep sparking the torch containing the ever eternal spectrum in regards to life and death. As all march on through the vacuum out from time and space, finding the little torn pieces consisting of scrap paper showing us the truth in which all strive for. Know this, the path my be different but the destination is the same + Qx
Conner North
Smoke that whole blunt then see how u feel 😂
Otori Shigeru
2:06:10 The beat error tolerance of a rolex adds up to +2 seconds per day. Per hour the mechanical watch beats usually (depending on the model) 28'800 times. After a couple of months u have a massive amount of movement and taken it in perspective what a mechanical movement is suffering from only due to gravitational, thermical and shock influence from its usage. To reach that +2 seconds error per day is a he'll lot of physical knowledge crafted into your Rolex. For example...better your watch is to fast and u reach wherever earlier then expected instead of coming everywhere to late.
Otori Shigeru
2:05:15 FCK that Casio! Get a solar Powered Tissot T-Touch in black with Touch screen, compass, height meter etc.
Jan slcd
hes really awkward and its making me actually believe that hes an alien
That Call of Duty Gamer
That blade is older than America. That just shows how young we are as a country
That Call of Duty Gamer
That blade is older than America. That just shows how young we are as a country
nathan sweeney
Michael Adams
After watching this I want to buy a Tesla.
Path of Phobos
Be nice... but if im too nice they'll keep repeating their mistakes. Good message nonetheless.
Brandon Gaskins
For some reason when Elon nods his head yes you agree 100% of the time.. Also Elon is the adult D.A.R.Y.L
Nik Nabrotzky
Religion is simple. If man was made in the image of himself then man would have the power of god.Therefore god is no more real than your uncle Joe.
What a great human being. We need more leaders and visionaries like this to speak their minds and share their gifts with us, without fear.
XR President
Elon for President.
Mário Gama
BIG FAN of both !...Elon Musk is the GENIUS of this Century !
Is this guy good at chess
Asking the guy who builds rockets if he had a design for a plane
Mia Celice Melberg
Every word he says his eyes Looks like he gets a new idea
Elon is from the future, the reason he tears up and is so passionate about carbon build up in the atmosphere, as well is sustainable energy is because he has SEEN what will become.
Hamato Yoshi
Elon seems scared and almost depressed that this AI problem is inevitable... I’m scared and ready for the apocalypse
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Joe Rogan Experience #1103 - Tom Segura Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon 2 days ago   2:12:51

Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom’s House. His latest special “Disgraceful” is currently on Netflix.

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