3 Innovative High-Tech Highways That Super Solar Cells | Groundbreaking 2 days ago   07:33

Richard Aguilar
Think of this, how good it is to have a highway near you that provides electricity to power you homes or even charge your electric car as you pass through it.

Watch and Know These 3 Very High Tech Highways That Generate Renewable Energy that provide electricity to power homes, highways and many more.

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No.3 High tech Solar panels installed on Highway’s noise barriers in A50 motorway in Uden, Netherlands in order to generate power as renewable energy source.

No.2 A Highway sound barrier with solar panels that produce green renewable energy in Korea.

No.1 China’s First High Tech Solar Highway That Produce Electricity

This is world's first photovoltaic road in Jinan, capital city of east China's Shandong Province.

Watch the video to learn more...

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Kevin Wy
Videos like this is why people ,including me ! Get hooked ! Well done Ritchard! Keep up all the great work looking forward to the next one.
Rusmin Noer
Strange accent...
I watched every single one of your videos bro, I’m rooting for you and especially hoping you get more views soon!

keep up the good work and as others on here are saying, you definitely are not lazy.

You’re basically doing these videos for free demonetized for God knows how long for at least a month so (though eventually I trust that you will get your due for them)
congratulations on taking the plunge to do this the right way that speaks volumes of you (just figured everyone here should know this is the reason for your recent changed video format)

And again, nice to watch your videos and don’t give up man!
Peter Jolliffe
Please look up ....solar roads busted....They are a useless idea.
great video, I'm loving the new format
glenn goodale
Difference between you and other Youtubers is your not lazy. You have no problem moving the camera 65 thousand times for the viewers and you also take pride in the videos you make. Keep up the good work sir!
Bee be Cee
Good report.
Prashant Unone
What is cost of sunflower rotating panel
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Super Solar Cells | Groundbreaking 3 Innovative High-Tech Highways That 2 days ago   10:16

Australian scientists from the University of NSW have set a new world record for the efficiency of commercially-viable solar cells.

Dr Graham Phillips investigates new technology that is able to convert more than 40 per cent of the sun's light into electricity. This is more than double the efficiency of today's domestic rooftop solar panels, and could eventually lead to cheaper sources of renewable energy. #ABCcatalyst

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