Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! Samsung Galaxy S10 Hidden Features 1 day ago   12:23

My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review & Why I'm Switching Back To iPhone After 9 Days of Use.. The best & worst of the Galaxy S10+!

S10 Speed Test.

S10 Durability Test.

S10 Camera Test.

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Isaac Perez
i respect everything you said
Jesus was Emo
I've had this phone for 7 days now, upgrading from the 7 edge. The guy reviewing the S10+ is obviously a soy boy.

2 things separate Samsung from Apple, regardless of the product:

1. Android is fully customisable. You can customise whatever you want, Samsung will do it.

2. Apple... Has the power. More power than the 10+ BUT, wtf are you using that power for? Apple products are so locked down, it's processing power means nothing.

Next!... The camera. Samsung sees best in the dark. I mean, how many times have you wanted to take a photo in the dark and thought.. Ohno.. My phone is crap. Samsung s10+ = no problem, just click the fuck away regardless of the shade density.

Fingerprint sensor. GTFO.

Keyboard: get Swift, don't blame Samsung. (can you even change keyboard on apple?).

Fuck., your review is malten lava to the part in your brain that makes reasonable decisions..

Fuck you, and fuck apples.
You are the definition of the word Biased.
James Ric
BAHAHAHA. This is what Blackberry users use to say. Apple the new Blackberry.
Daniel Reyes
My s10 is a single tap to open
I have an Iphone for work and s10 for personal. Iphones suck. I hate apple.
Sad to hear android still has grainy camera quality with social media apps. Its 2019, I can charge my friends phone, but my snap story is still glitchy??
But you turned off animations? Try turning them on, they make the experience much more fluid.
Christoffer Skär
Samsung can maximize the specs all they want, i think their greatest achievement is that they still cant make a fluid phone with all that juice.
Martina Martins
Dumb ISheep. ISheep are really dumb.. Dumbo channel
fucking huawei add every 30 seconds
yeeterus my cliterus
*Wait so how is the iphone better?* xd
yeeterus my cliterus
Android still sux, they just can't get the software to feel good. Don't cry boys, it's just the way it is. I've used Android and I doubt I'll ever go back.
Wow. He really doesn't know what he's talking about, does he?
Jacob F
I dont understand why Android isnt working with companies such as snapchat to create better social media applications. The only reason why I dont go samsung is due to crappy quality on social media apps
Junior Kakra
are you giving it away then??
Hemanth Reddy Billa
I completely agree with you , even i feel the same ....
Fonzy Brookestone
I get annoyed just seeing that other fella again!!!
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