🇨🇳 17 Australian residents believed 【驚人】中共虐新疆人手法驚呆全球 各地強迫穆斯林過年及吃豬(2019 2020)J 2 days ago   01:40

Al Jazeera English
Seventeen Australian residents are believed to have been detained in China, sources have told Al Jazeera.

An activist said that the individuals were being kept in secretive "re-education" centres in Xinjiang after they were arrested when visiting relatives.

The Australian government has said it's unaware of any residents being held in China.

According to the UN, up to one million Uighur Muslims "counter-extremism centres" in China's far west region of Xinjiang - home to approximately 10 million Uighur Muslims.

Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas reports from Sydney.

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Sherwood Nick
Fake news.
Thank you China for helping to stop the spread of muslin terrorists!
Siddharth Kumar
Kill them.
Manzoor Hekmatyar
Pakistan kills Uigher also. Uigher excape to my village in Swat Velley Pakistan, and the military here arrests the uighers,a nd deports them back to china for Execution. Pakistan kills Pashtun and Baloch. I'm ashmed aof being Pakistan. Our Iron brothee is China WTF
Australian people should mind these 17.
Boo Boo of honey
Communism persecutes all religions...boo hoo
Ming Ming
If you break China laws then you will be punished. Same like other countries. So Stop showing these biased propaganda video
Ibutisam Zuhair
well well, you al jazeera, sponsorded by the most free and best human rights records country Qatar, I think you are right about everything: ) even if you are not reporting,but just speaking extemporaryly :)
Monstaa Factory
Boycott China, Chinese goods, Chinese food, Chinese businesses.
Wally Wally
There must be a national Referendum to TOTALLY BAN COMMUNIST in AUSTRALIA.
Sajid Khan
The whole world knows the pathetic way the Yiughurs (a million) are being despotically treated in East Turkistan,their own land.The Communist chinese shamelessly denying all this.
Bruce Lee
Fake news
Those people were hired by anti-China organizations to make lies.
books from Windblown
The West should learn from China about the dealing with ethnics and unwanted immigrants, China is tough on them.
US Of Zion
They broke China laws so screw them. Don't go to other Countries and cause chaos and expect be treated with respect.
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【驚人】中共虐新疆人手法驚呆全球 各地強迫穆斯林過年及吃豬(2019 2020)J 🇨🇳 17 Australian residents believed 2 days ago   06:03

中共近年来以「预防恐怖主义」为由,在新疆迫害当地维吾尔、哈萨克族人,同时建造大型集中营关押大量民众,现在网路上疯传1段影片,呈现 中共当局对付异议新疆人士的残忍手法,影片曝光震惊全球网友。

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