MY NEW FAVORITE HOBBY Having fun with the 900HP S15 2 days ago   25:18

Adam LZ
OIUHASFOIAHSFOASIJOASIJDA GAH these dumb things are so much fun. Its a good thing we don't live near land or we'd probably have a whole fleet to play with. Hope you like the video!

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Only a couple hours from where I live. Small world
Alexander Grullon
I love my rzr 1000 especially when you can go flat out on a trail
Sled Goon
Also, it's really not good to drive in 4 wheel drive for a long period of time because it could hurt the front diff
Sled Goon
You should come up to my cabin and rip the Yamaha yxz 1000rss
hunter randolph
If you come back to Wv I could show you the roads🤙🏽
The 2nd AK
That image stabilization was awesome in the utv!
Kyle White
Calling it now: Adam turns one of his Evo 5s into a full-on rally car. Hopefully, at least.
Also, you just ruined that guys (or gals) truck for him (or her). They're gonna come back and see yours and just be like :'(
Philip Farmer
Adam, check out Windrock in East TN. It's the largest privately owned OHV area in the country. It's also close to the Tail of the Dragon. Lots of old civil war timey stuff. It's a great place, and they rent out vehicles
I love how Alberto was pretending to read pacenotes. Time to rally the Evo?
Eric Newell
Adam surely buy one, I would love to see more content like that!!!
Year of the Flex continues: "just bought a WRC team"
Forged By Hammerhead
None of the small towns like that you find will be dangerous, just major cities mostly
Forged By Hammerhead
You need to check out Gilbert west Virginia, for off roading rzr type stuff, the Hatfield McCoy trails are badass bro, look into planning a trip in October, I think it's the second week, they have a huge event called trail fest and like 100k people invade the tiny town of Gilbert and party offroad all week
Tommy Johnson
Adam you can just use satellite view to see if it's a dirt road
Guy Morris
You definately are a frustrated rally driver who just hasnt found his sport yet. Colab with the master Ken Block?????
I love u
Tim Barito
Time to buy an rzr
Driveway Marvels
Romeo and Juliet. Wtf are you listening to.
Taylor Lilly
Ole Bluefield wv, where I’m from!
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Having fun with the 900HP S15 MY NEW FAVORITE HOBBY 2 days ago   12:29

Titan's Open House was a great excuse to take out the S15 now that its back together. They've been a great help with dyno time and specialty 2JZ stuff for the S15 :)

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