Ukraine says Russia opened Violences en mer entre la Russie et l’Ukraine 2 days ago   02:34

The Ukrainian military said that Russian boats had opened fire on and seized three of its ships near Crimea, escalating a standoff over the Kerch Strait, a waterway that links the Azov Sea with the Black Sea. In a statement, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said the small gunboats Berdyansk and Nikopol and the tugboat Yana Kapu were attacked.

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andrew mroz
Russia needs to invade Ukraine and free the people from the idiots running it
Вук Тодић
That boat russia theritory without responding to their calls to recognize himself
bob hope
sink them russian bitches
Might Guy
Why did this video trigger so many anti-American Russian nationalist.....
funny how no one mentions why we stopped them by force "Russians tried to board the ships" said CNN. What morons can think that,Ukraine went onto russias territory ,multiple times they where asked to stop however they ignored, so that gives Russia all the right to attack them . BTW to all the morons who think sanctions are bad for us, ur stupid cuz the more sanctions the more our economy grows. Cant wait to read all the Trolling Europeans and Americans saying how free and great their county is, that's what you awlays do, a famous quote by someone who attacked Russia "Whoever attacks Russia with a sword will die with that sword". I love my country and if needed to we would all fuck you NATO up ;) XD
Mario Panebianco
Fuck off CNN lying fake news. Appalling fucking bunch you are
cat camel
Rubbish cnn, stop crying..
D Lob
What ukraine? American or eu? There's no ukraine, just like they bent over for the nazis.. we should take that land and get rid of shit that prostitutes itself to america... all of Europe are prostitutes, can't even protest against american bases on your turf...u try putting your military base in the u.s. or any other countries... free and independent is earned not bought... Americans, Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Venezuelan(not that guido puppet),n koreans, are really independent... others are prostitutes who are allowed to throw gay parties and let trannies compete against your women... they promote it to you as freedom of speech... go try to threaten someone or be racist, you not allowed to... in russia, people literally yell and argue with cops without being tazed or put to jail...u try cursing with cops, u can get disorderly... .what fucking freedom of speech u got? "Because u can't threaten others" bitches would say... really, Washington was in battle thinking "after we fuck up the british, we gonna create this new government run by the people. we'll have these freedoms of speech, to bare arms.... but, u can't curse or threaten others. " the United states, russian federation,.... fought for their independence, every citizen in those countries knows they are free. Russians and Americans talking shit to each other, .its no different than Floyd talking trash to Pac. The rest of the world, with some exceptions, are the cheering fans. Right now, Maywether has better PR and advertising(freedom of speech, religion, no dictators, russian aggression, ukraine is invaded by russia...), so more of the fans are on his bandwagon. That's all you bitches are, u don't matter.... topics on cnn are there to make sure u hear the advertisement(russian invasion, freedom,...), they aren't there because we give a fuck about u or your dumb ass problems. 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So would any other revolutionary, or dictator, to the sheep, who believes advertising(from earlier)... .i'm from Florida, lived in pa for 3... born in russia...I respect both countries and very interested in history... history does repeat itself. We use different techniques, but it's the same objective. Who can take who's resources. It was fun and games before, because we played with sticks and stones. It's very different now, single push of a finger(russian or american) and millions of u ants will die. .how about learning from history? Just take what's yours, don't take shit off someone else's plate..u wont have a problem and don't have to be paranoid, thinking others are coming to get u. Damn, I can write a book when i'm high. Makes me question, .how dumb are u sheep for not understanding? 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Russian idiots...They are something between animal and human race. Primitive murderers. Like ugly midget Putin who pinched over 200 bln dollars off his own nation and still is alive. When 80% Russians have not enough food and 20 % can't have no toilets at home ( based on Russian ,,Russtat'' agency data.
Nationalist Socialist Party
I am with Russia, Fuck those ukrainian bastards. How can those MFs even think of messing with World's 2nd largest superpowe?
Anti War
More CNN bs. Bye I'm off to find the truth. It ain't here.
crimea belongs to russia 🤷‍♂️
basant vimal sharma
Should fire only one small missile at CNN studion directly at this stupid TV reporter not to hurt or kill but just to fizz her hair.Kerch is Russian territory and civilian ship from Ukraine cross everyday its the military or Navy vessels that require this case Ukrainian navy were illegals just like the Migrants at American border.
Alex Miotke
Adam Goldenberg
Hey guys, I'm from Russia and I have many good friends in Ukraine. Don't be fooled by politicians, we all must work together for the equal growth and opportunities for each human being in our civilization.
Dmitry Gavrilov
Russia has always been a country aggressor. As long as the government does not change in the Russian Federation, nothing good will be expected. The international community save people in Russia. Unfortunately, in Russia, too, there are a lot of cattle who support modern power in the Russian Federation. Modern Russian power is a threat to the entire civilized world, to the United States, Europe, аnd a very big threat to Ukraine.Everything was taken away from the people in Russia, freedom of speech was killed, political prisoners, citizens of the Russia receive very low salaries, raised taxes, raised the retirement age, sold the country to oligarchs and friends of Putin. In this country there are very big problems. I am very disappointed that many foreigners praise Putin and are hung over Russian propaganda. You do not know the true state of affairs in Russia. The people do not like this power and are afraid to talk about it because in Russia Putin was leading the law on insulting the authorities.
Ed Sev
The Ukraine loser ass leader is shit starter
Ed Sev
It’s Ukraine and the assholes instigating Russia and media led but word gets around and the truth CNN are instigators to
Ed Sev
Ukraine nothing but a shithole and assholes socialists
This news is Shit more Hoax
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Violences en mer entre la Russie et l’Ukraine Ukraine says Russia opened 2 days ago   02:51

Le détroit de Kertch qui délimite les eaux de la mer d’Azov et celles de la mer Noire, a été dimanche le théâtre d’une escalade et d’un face-à-face entre plusieurs navires de guerre russes et ukrainiens.

Après des échanges de tirs, trois bateaux ukrainiens ont été interceptés par l’armée russe et n’ont pas pu continuer leur route. Selon Kiev, six de ses marins auraient été blessés et vingt-trois capturés dans ces violences – les plus graves dans cette zone où la tension n’a cessé de monter ces derniers mois.

La mer d’Azov, située entre la Crimée, l’Ukraine et la Russie, est une zone de tension depuis l’annexion de la Crimée en 2014 par Moscou. Un accord de 2003 donnait normalement droit aux deux pays de naviguer librement dans le secteur. Mais, dans les faits, Moscou considère le passage des bateaux ukrainiens comme une violation de ses eaux territoriales. De son côté, Kiev ne reconnaît pas ce découpage et s’emploie à renforcer sa présence militaire.

Après ces accrochages, des hélicoptères et des avions de combat russes ont survolé le pont de Kertch. La marine ukrainienne a, elle, été placée en état d’alerte. Le président ukrainien, Petro Porochenko, a demandé au Parlement d’envisager l’introduction de la loi martiale. Une façon de rompre les relations diplomatiques avec la Russie et d’instaurer l’Etat d’urgence.

Une réunion d’urgence du Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies (ONU) s’est tenue pour parvenir à une désescalade immédiate et la Commission européenne a exhorté les deux pays à faire « preuve de la plus grande retenue ».

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