Lucas The Spider - It Slipped Hello Neighbor Pause Challenge 2 days ago   00:55

Lucas the Spider
Summer is here! Lucas and his friend found a new toy to play with - if only they could get it to stay still!

We have a special surprise coming soon for our wonderful Lucas the Spider fans... click here to see what it is!

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Nichole Gaila
Wally and the Beet
Adorable ice bowl
Jackey Wet
it reminds me mario. I got no single idea why lol
I subbed and watched each one but it said/says I DIDINT I also liked and turned Bell on
ᴍɪɴ's ɴᴏᴠᴇɴ
Lucas's scream in the beginning is different from the first video. Did he.. start growing up?
Aaarrrgggggg! 0:00
Super T
This is too adorable! Lucas and Bzzt are just the best.
Dae Doing Things
I love it when he flails his arms in the air when he gets spookt
Fish Boi
Hello Lucas I am big fan can u be my child. Pweety pweeeese
Buttface Fartsin
It slipped dady
disco demon
I'm also a Lucas, but not a spider, it just my name
[FaZe] Max_Gamer
Arachnophobia: *Exists*

Lucas: NO
iT woOddY!!
Lucas skill:boop
This is da ice cube: *yeeeeet mom this is the best vacation ever*
Chea Kha
I'm cute lucas is cute too
guillermo desiree
0:00 hi my name is ahhhh😂😂😂😂😂
Gachalilly._. omg. xxx._.
This inspired me to get a tarentular myself
M Piper
I can't wait for a full-featured animated movie with Lucas the Spider🙄💞
King Cerberus
Naughty stepsis - "it slipped in" - Lucas the spider
(Ph intro drums)
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Hello Neighbor Pause Challenge Lucas The Spider - It Slipped 2 days ago   26:12

Pause Challenge With Hello Neighbor in Real Life in Charge With Poopsie Unicorn Slime Soda Cans Sparkly Critters!!
Check out our New Video:

Hello Neighbor in Real Life Pause Challenge With Poopsie Soda Cans Toy Scavenger Hunt!! If you guys remember our video from the other day when Granny was our babysitter, Hello Neighbor also showed up and dropped off a box full of toys. Inside was one of our poopsie soda cans but we were still missing the others. Hello Neighbor took all 8 of our poopsie slime cans and today we had the help of our friend Blake to get them all back! He of course had them hidden all over the house and he led us on a scavenger hunt to go find them. There was also a twist to today's video, Hello Neighbor got a hold of our remote from the pause challenge and he decided to use it on us! Don't worry though, we were able to find all 8 of our poopsie soda cans and get Hello Neighbor out of our house!!

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