iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V iKON - 'I'M OK' PERFORMANCE VIDEO 1 day ago   03:50

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Lag My
Will it be had 100m views ? 😊 Hey iKONICs :))
Umaru Doma
This should be as famous as Love scenario and killing me, its so good😭
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
we should double our game let's get at least 100k every day please
bomi hwang
아이콘 없으면 못살아
Jupiter Rasberry
EXO-L here to stream for Ikon ahhh💕
Indra Lestari
I love ikon love kim hanbin love ko june❤❤❤❤
Rezel Mangco
Hanbin.... My love..... Fighting...
Rezel Mangco
I really miss this song that's why I'm here again. Ikon and ikonic fighting .....
Faris Idzwan
This is the first song of iKON that I listened to. Need some new suggestion(s). Someone pls help me!
Ali Shayan
We should be ikonic army
Ali Shayan
You guys our the best
gaynani jin
iKON will join a Dance compe something. Please co-iKONICS lets support our babies. because we already know they really are a great dancer 😊😊
Marcia C.
I am a new fan of Ikon,  and recently,   I saw their MVs with English subtitle;  I realized they are poets. It is pure poetry.
Aisyah Febi
Samantha Irving
This song really comforts me
Adriano Moreno
El único que habla español? "eh"
ann crisel arceo
S t r e a m GUYS!!
halwa syahideyar
Any fanboy here? Ikon is SICK!! 🔥
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iKON - 'I'M OK' PERFORMANCE VIDEO iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V 1 day ago   03:49

#iKON #아이콘 #NewKidsRepackage #Title #IM_OK #PerformanceVideo #YG

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