Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Beyond Scared Straight: Nothing 2 days ago   00:41

Call of Duty
Answer the call and get battle-ready in the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Open Beta. Early access begins September 12 on PS4, other platforms to follow.

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Call of Duty
If you pre-ordered a physical PS4 copy, check your email tomorrow for a Beta Code and head to

If you pre-ordered a digital PS4 copy, you can pre-load the Beta tomorrow directly from the Playstation Store.
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Colin McCarthy
There is a Quad with players on it at 0:20. does this mean that there will be a new Blackout? or is this just for Multiplayer or Spec Ops.
Smart Brains
What's with the 1k dislikes?
The LastGrayGhost
Was that Nokk from rainbow 6?
MMA Panda
Can you remove the Nuke it ruins the game. Someone gets the the Nuke and the game is over!?!
forever 100
Dis game finna be a beast
Athul raj
Battlefield: surprised pikachu face
Tony Blase
has very bad graphics. compared to today's game.
Jay Incognito
This has actually freaking been incredibly fun and addicting to play so far. Can't wait for Ground War!!
Московская Евреюга
It’s multiplayer, no single play! 😔
Oscar Matías Cáceres Gómez
Like si esperan el call of duty Mobile ,pero no lo lanza y ya te aburriste de esperar por lo tanto no lo piensas jugar
This Call of Duty ain’t authentic until I have death threats to my family and kids threatening to boot me offline.......
small maps make something bigger guys and gameplay shoting in qq is crazy
Bobbie Koppejan
Did anyone else only get pine while playing 2v2 this weekend?
Is this as system intense on your PC as BF5 ?
Not looking to spend $100 bucks and not be able to run it.
Angel Esquerra
Song name?
Buff Ghost.
Anyone know the name of this song?
Warfighter life
Everyone on console with 500 gigabytes of storage which game you deleting to make space for this one?
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Beyond Scared Straight: Nothing Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 days ago   05:11

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