I JUST GOT A 2020 LAMBORGHINI HURACAN 1v1 Against Damien from The Prince 1 day ago   40:20

Hey what’s up reloaded gang, So today i actually wanted to get rid of my rolls Royce and i have no idea why. BUT ANOTHER LAMBORGHINI JUST MADE SENSE AHAHAHAHA

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Nazir Akbar
What’s the name of the derez deshon song?
It’s all wheel drive not 4 wheel drive just letting you know
Varnum Vorld
First time seeing this guy and I love him already. This video makes a lot of sense.
E lp
Where the money coming from bro?
Blackhollyhood8732 Instagram
Makes me Claustrophobic watching him in that car 😓
T Max
What's the name of the song with derez deshon in it cuz that shit is hard
How the f*** is this guy so rich I mean I'm happy for him but I'd like a piece of the pie guess I'm too dumb to make this kind of money
Glo Capone
Song at 18:59
Bear 'N' Growl Gaming Reich
This dude cant even breathe! And he got a $5 shirt on with flour on the sleeve! Fake ass!
Protege G.M.C.
Who is this guy? What does he do? I've never heard of him
Ty Cooper
Bro. You will die from a heart attack. You remind me of Big Pun. Be careful. Unable to get out of cars should be a sign for you. I am just stating it to be of type of help for awareness. Live long to spend that long money of yours. lol Feel me?
Ty Cooper
Why so many cars my guy? Just asking.
What does this guy do for a living ?
T.S.R. Productions فسقحقخیعزفهخد
I’m tryna figure out how to get wealth like dat
Ma la
I love this guy!! Expanded my faith for sure.
Shamel Fitzgerald
wit the hellcat redeye in the chain that shit hard as fuck boy
Niko Gamer
3x The Charm
That widebody hellcat is Nasty asf man💯👌🏽
3x The Charm
Let me get some stones out then glasses 💯
Tony Tweedie
No txt and drive bro
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1v1 Against Damien from The Prince I JUST GOT A 2020 LAMBORGHINI HURACAN 1 day ago   27:13

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