RUSSELL WESTBROOK GOES OFF ON FAN! Chris Broussard addresses Russell 1 day ago   16:55

Russell Westbrook got into with a fan last night and here are my thoughts!

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Patricia Rosten
Me to I think the fan should shut Up
fried IT
Is he upset because the fan said BOY? really is that a trigger word now?
You are correct

If he has played basketball on the street, he has heard worse, talking shit is part of the game.

You put up numbers and you win the game, people will shut up.
IsaacTheGamer TUT
Philip Lawrence Trinidad
You were prasing this guy 2 years ago
Isaac Dinnie
Clean slate but got his 16th tech a few days later and got suspended 😂
I love Westbrook simply because he said what he felt at the time. he doesn’t bit his tongue for the sake of public image created by sports media
DogFart Central
The fan told him to get on his knees for Paul George like he used to for Kevin Durant
Six Ronin
We just gonna forget the shit osn said about black women?
Ryen Tartt
So basically because he makes millions he need to turn a blind eye to racism. What a great mentality
Elijah Robinson
Why is it when black famous people do something wrong they blame racism because they cant apologize
This man basically said he’s not tryna hear people complain about being harassed
Imagine thinking that comes with ANY job
Other players seem to realize that it's one thing to say stupid things at a basketball game, and it's another entirely to threaten to harm someone (and his wife). Now, this guy and his wife were definitely in the wrong for saying stupid shit to Russell, and maybe they were digging for a law suit so they could make some money off of Russ. They are scum and deserve to get banned from Jazz games.

But Russ needs to dial it back a notch. You're not less of a man because you don't respond to stupidity. If anything (and a lot of people don't understand this), it takes a lot more maturity and self-control to say nothing when people are insulting you. If you snap like Russ did, you're just giving them what they want. Better to keep your cool and just ignore it. Obviously defend yourself if you are attacked physically, but if it's just words? They are looking for some kind of payday and I think Russ just played into their greedy little hands. I'm not saying this to criticize Russ because I think he's great. I don't want to see him get in any more trouble over some stupid ass fans.
Sean Moore
There is a difference between talking trash and being straight up racist.
Sean Moore
Bro, if someone is being racist, you draw attention to it. Money does not excuse racism. If it does, and they let it slide, it makes it sound like these racist can talk like that to anyone and it is okay.
Buster Hyman
Youre guilty of running your sewer mouth a muck in every damn city in America and Canada Russ , for your whole career now . To say Russ is just some humble victim that doesnt deserve some push back from anybody is crazy , and rediculous . Russ is the most entitled , spiteful , arrogant , curt , diva , unhinged , peacock there is in the NBA next to Harden , Russ's old teammate that is .
Tyler Phandara
Ayeee there you go. Andre Roberson in the background so ig he still is on the team
Smndnd Xoxo
OSN controlled by the white man
Maxwell Garnett Jr.
Russ was within his right. But he should have left the lady out it,
The Elite Undiscovered
I like Oprahside but im tired of people saying “they make millions” so what!! They are human just like you, so since they make millions that means allow yourself to be disrespected and have racial slurs said to you? Thats a lame excuse, but I guess people would do anything for money!
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Chris Broussard addresses Russell RUSSELL WESTBROOK GOES OFF ON FAN! 1 day ago   13:24

Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe in studio to discuss Russell Westbrook's verbal altercation with two Utah Jazz fans. Broussard reacts to the situation explaining what the NBA should do moving forward and says that that fan should be 'banned for life.'

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Chris Broussard addresses Russell Westbrook's verbal altercation with Jazz fans | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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