Fail Box #8: One Onesie To Rule Them The Most Savage Man On Earth Rants: 2 days ago   1:12:29

Sorry, it took so long.
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0:05 fluffy never misses an unboxing
0:25 Knife collector show
3:05 Sentual art of fluffy
5:00 Anime package big yen
8:04 Toys for fluffy
11:02 tea and puppy treats
16:08 The wrong addess with a side of spidey
17:54 Mail from twitch?
19:24 I can make my own whiskey now

22:53 Yakuza gundam
26:50 Red frame
28:57 tags
33:20 jewlers saw & dusk mask
36:38 An award for me!?
39:53 thats HOT! nu Gundam
44:01 Canada strikes again Wing Zero (memory lane with granpa gundam)
50:00 Fliters

52:46 Gundam Deathscythe
54:20 From Japan with love Justice Gundam
57:55 masterzero EPIC Stuff!
1:03:00 The Comedian & Gas grass or ass
1:05:33 Lunch Box (when I was a boy)
1:07:08 Henti hoodie
1:08:00 Peter Comes through
A Quispe
"Black man wrestles dog for dollar"
Burgess Meredith
Is there a video of you introducing fluffy?
Zachariah Jonah Maldonado
Army Regulation 670-1 (read as six seventy dash 1) defines uniforms and what is permisable for wearing in the military. It's possably the most googled and well known reg in the force. He means you could wear that stuff on a uniform and meddling NCOs couldn't get on your case.
Jesus man why'd you gotta bring up mcdonalds as someone who's disenfranchised lmao. I actuallly work at one then you bring up the xbox and im like wait a minute thats me lmao. Either way loving the videos so keep up the good work.
As an Australian fan I have a gift that I need to give to you. Can you please Pm the address so I can send it. Regards Aussie fans of your complete honesty.
What's going on with all the gay lights
All I've learned is a bunch of people love you but they don't want you to know who they are.
Chaotic good: Fail Box
Chaotic evil: Bad unboxing
Benjamen Schimpf
Dont you dare fuckin quit
Keenan Blessing
Man I moved away from the city I grew up in where I had 3 friends, legit friends. I’ve been living in this new city for 6 months with no one but myself and my roommates who aren’t even very fond of me. Listening to you and your stories of when you were younger and that line of “a man walks a lonely road.” On your Gillet video has pretty much sustained me through my isolation and possible ignorance of the things that could keep a man happy with just himself that you’ve shown through your struggles, trials and tribulations. Thanks for your content my dude and once I have some money put together I have a gift to send ya, thanks man.
Zack Benton
Also Artcile 6 is just a regulation under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It is fine to read about uniform regulations.
Zack Benton
Lmao dude Damascus steel... you read Japanese and instantly tried to pronounce it in Japanese when it was just Damascus steel
Hadouken OCX
52:06 x,DDD best gift ever !
jose adolfson
Why no dildos yet?
jose adolfson
I'll send you a few kilos of coke to fuel your rants.
I respect a man who drinks old no 7. I tip my hat to you good sir 🎩
Nuka Cola Lunchbox is the Canvas Bag 2.0
navid alvee
Your first Billionth Dollar
mr krabs
Michael Custance

Amouranth wearing the horse head is a play on words... it's really a whore's head... see what I did there?
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The Most Savage Man On Earth Rants: Fail Box #8: One Onesie To Rule Them 2 days ago   28:41

BroadcastHER!!! Women have it hard on twitch! Please send help!
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#twitch #twitchfails

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