Why “Buy one, get one free” isn’t Why Hollywood keeps making terrible 1 day ago   03:55

For a thrifty shopper, a “Buy one, get one” (BOGO) deal can sound like the best way to get more bang for their buck. But the appeal of BOGO is why it’s hard for consumers to see it for what it is.

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BOGO is meant to get you to spend more money, not less. The deal disguises the fact that, unless you already intended to buy two items, it really isn’t all that big a discount.

The Goods by Vox explains what we buy, why we buy it, and why it matters.

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There is a store close to where i live, its had a "closing, everything must go, 90% off" sign for 15 years now lol. still havent moved yet haha
Kyle Sexe
Love most of your videos, but this one is awful. 10% of burger King customers from 1 coupon is the only example you could create...
Rocco Plastino
0:11 order 69 nice
I only ever BOGO if I’m splitting the cost in half with a friend😜
My wife still doesn’t believe this. She lives by the she “saved” philosophy instead of she “spent” philosophy
BOGO should be used if u actually and regularly use their products.
Joshua Wang
BOGO with rebate is even worse. Bought 2 phones from Tmobile with full price and never recieve the BOGO rebate.
Matthew's Vlogs plus
I remember learning in econ that retailers raise the prices before putting it for bogo
phimosis jones
who pays $80 for a sweater
Bricheese Jpg
Y’all but 2 when there’s a sale just because? What are you gonna do with the second sweater? BOGO works best with food
If you need a coupon for something say burger king bogo what I do is order two sandwiches see the price and then say oh yeah I have a coupon that way you noticed if it’s different
Martha Tedla
i work at a grocery store, and there was this deal for $15 lunch bags that was like 'buy one get one for $1" ie total price was $16 for 2 bags. as soon as that sale ended, they price was revised to $8 each, ie STILL $16 for 2 bags. a few weeks later they went on sale for real, and they were like $3 each -- we had some not so happy customers that day
Ajay Kamble
I mean everyone knows this, atleast in India, we ask for 0.5 the price for 1 item if it's on buy 1 get 1...
It's a clear cut economics trick
c yq
isnt this common sense? i dont need a video detailing it to me lol
Lindsay Sheffield
Okay I get what they’re saying, but for example, we buy the same salad every week. We always get one. At our store, BOGO means you pay full price for the first, and the second rings up as $0. So last week when it was on sale, I got two bags (which we will eat) since I’d be paying full price for the first bag anyway. How is that not advantageous, since it’s something I’d buy anyway?
Herb Fellows
To quote a line from Fawlty Towers, when John Cleese was talking to his wife, 'Do you have a degree from the school of the bleeding obvious'? There is nothing here that isn't common sense. If you as a shopper can't figure this out on your own, you probably shouldn't be shopping.
David Parada
I'm sorry I couldn't make it past 2 minutes of this video. Yet, I'm sure your argument has some truth to it, but consumers are drawn to their favorite four-letter "F" word: free. I confess, marketers have done an amazing job when their gimmick gets people in the door and spending their money. Even if that means getting nickel and dimed for that "free" item.
If she really got two different prices, 2.19 and 3.19, she'd better have raised the roof!!
Sorry--- as for the Burger King... she got ONE for 2.19 she'd have to pay 4.28 for TWO separately.
It's good if you want 2!
If they're going to charge you 2.19-- it IS Free. A waste of a free item, if you can use it!
It is the bogus pricing that is wrong.... not us
They used to do coupons, double coupons, now it's BOGO, next....
It's the BO G25% off that annoys me, I won't cooperate with that slight of hand!
Jana Kamberi
Well if you get one for free its a great deal "casually" and assuming you aren't being ripped off (by being charged extra).You mostly mention Buy one get one X% off rather than "BOGO FREE" wich id what your title sais. tho I still liked the video
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Why Hollywood keeps making terrible Why “Buy one, get one free” isn’t 1 day ago   04:40

2016 has been a record-setting year for terrible movie sequels.

Vox's Zachary Crockett breaks down the worst sequels of the past 20 years: http://www.vox.com/2016/7/1/12070048/resurgence-independence-day-bad-movie-sequel

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