I shot a WEDDING on my iPhone! MOBILE How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow 5 months ago   12:58

Peter McKinnon
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Med Amine Rahmani
0:21 is the button
Ajay Kumar
How it working on it's own
Starts at 3:00
Andrés Ladera
Rafah Project
Why don't you rename it as TWELVE-MINUTES-TUESDAY???
Mariusz Adam
Man. You have such a beautiful eyes o.O
C King
You make of taken amateur photos on a stupid phone that only produces 72 dpi, has no photo settings for light conditions or compensation, try enlarging those you stupid IDIOT....... NOTHING BUT NOISE!!!!!!!!!
Game Over
"Hey,I've just rent a photographer for about 1000$ a hour!"
"Is it the guy with the IPhone who just came up?"
"Erm...e...1 dollar for photography 998$ for style and 1 dollar for jesus."
uhm.. what happened at 4:30 with the super fake edges on the phone? The phone has rounded edges and even non iphone X(s) compatible apps show the corners not at that point. Anywhere else ok, but on a photography channel? No but seriously, great videos, keep them coming!
Free Time
What! Ive been watching quite some time now, i didn't know you can do magic! 😱
Bobby Lee Swagger
I brought a mate 20 pro, 4 months ago and really got into photography. Thanks For these tips and tricks. I like to see more tips because I usually have my Phone in my pocket
Jesse Lampe
Yes please I need the help!
We Love Food
OMG the way you ended lol 😂. I could watch your videos all day long..
If there more fans as crazy as me 👍🏼
Nathan scays
Def's keen on mobile tips bud
Dawson Perkins
Please cut the hair
Brian C. Idocks Photographics, LLC
I clicked on this vid thinking you actually shot a real wedding with a cell phone. Well, you didn't really do that, you shot AT a wedding with a cell phone. Now... everyone does this, and I have to admit the shots you got are pretty awesome, even if I sort of disagree with your premise for doing so. They hired someone to do the photos...you...as a former Wedding Photographer should know better than to follow the photographer around as you said, and do what you did. Snagging a few shots with your cell at a buddy's wedding is cool, but... I hope you didn't get in the way. It's hard not to. Honestly, I wished you'd shot the wedding with your cell phone, to prove a point rather than use a scenario that you shouldn't have been doing to prove a point. I love most of your work, but, I gotta admit, this one made me lose a touch of respect for you, since... you showed little for their working professional that they asked and hired to be there.
Kannan Sathyanarayanan
And that's not a normal phone. That's an iPhone
Vivienne V
Rudra Bhardwaj
How did you make that part of the video in which you are editing the photo on the phone but without hands ? and all the editing were going on like MAGIC ? 😱
Peter!! You nailed it again. How did you film your actions on the phone? What’s that magic?
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How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow I shot a WEDDING on my iPhone! MOBILE 5 months ago   09:48

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