I shot a WEDDING on my iPhone! MOBILE How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow 9 months ago   12:58

Peter McKinnon
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Joe Yates
Details! Yes! Break them down as much as possible. That’s why I’m here.
10 + 2 = this video
Gregory Linton
Since the Adobe exodus, I'm concerned about using lightroom on my phone, any concerns over adobe making my photos on my iPhone useless? Dumb question?
Phillip Haumesser Photography
I can’t even imagine how intimidated that poor photographer was having Peter McKinnon shooting over his shoulder with an iPhone! 😆
Edis Gaiz
I wouldn't hire wedding photographer with phone for many reasons. Only those who doesn't shoot with professional equipment would say that there is no difference between phone and professional camera.
Jason Jacinto
Too good😎
Kishion Harrigan
Pete my man! Your channel is amazing! Thanks for all the expert tips you provide, and I love the very down to earth style of delivery of your tutorials. It really makes all of this photography stuff, which is normally intimidating, seem very accessible. I have a question:
- When would you consider it most effective to use the lighter side of the vignette slider?
i knew kurt cobain is still alive!
UB Praveen Rao
Did you try snapseed ?
Sagar Gupta
ok bro
timothy kimari
Peter should do a masterclass!!!!!
mason mcnutt
how were you going thru the menus on your phone while it was on the table though?
mojidul miah
dan lilly
Amazing! Thanks for the tips.
Rob Curcuru
How are you filming the hands-off editing?
DJLin Music
Cool videos as always.
The artistic insecurity is full blown in the comments, lol.
Noob Hunter69
now what mental gymnastics do I need to do to justify not being able to take a decent photo
John Russel Cabugnason
What application did you use..
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How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow I shot a WEDDING on my iPhone! MOBILE 9 months ago   09:48

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