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British MPs are expected on Friday to debate migration and the rights of the citizens of the United Kingdom and the European Union after Brexit in the lead up to the crucial vote next week.
The government has already indicated it wants to reduce European immigration by 80 percent when it leaves the EU. Immigration was one of the main motivators for people who voted to leave.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from London.

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Tina Tina
Bring back the youth opportunities schemes, more apprenticeships and work experience, get our youth doing something
immigration policy is impossible under the EU so now that we're leaving we can have a sane immigration policy. If you want a visa pay for it yourself (who pays for my work visa in Australia...i do) and you should actually have something to bring here ie minimum funds and skills.
brian beveridge
What european leaders , as well as british politicians are not telling
us is that mass immigration into our countries of people from third
world countries who do not work but claim our benefits is the real
reason for austerity . !
Kidan Tisan
Ask yourself this: Why do British employers recruit in other countries in the first place? Why do they invest time and money to find employees in Portugal, Poland, Germany etc? Why don't they just hire a Brit? Because they aren't enough Brits willing to do certain jobs! Esp. the low wage ones, such as fruit picking, cleaning, care work, waiting tables and so on. So when the EU workers leave, who will fill the jobs? Two options: Brits get off benefits and do hard work for little money all of a sudden or immigrants from third world countries.
i raja
trinity 777
Make no mistake! EU countries would gladly take all migrants trained and experienced in UK. All EU migrants at list have passports verified against crime and records of their fingerprints which make them transparent in the terms of their past. While some asylum seekers get leave to remain and honestly saying do not even have a passport and unverified passed and how much blood they have on their hands!
Germany is glad to take even moslim men with some of them of a dubiouse past to patch up their shortages of aging ethnicity and work force .
So you make your mind and calculations
Wait...a hundred thousand unfilled roles in the NHS? That sound way too high a number.
i raja
fake news problem was illegal immigrants given eu citizenship sent to uk as europeans so on stats european but really somalis africans syrians etc west is wisening up
David Yeates
Reduce immagration, this is a load of rubbish, when your prime minister has signed the un migration pact, with out telling the people of the country and know mention of this on MSM.
Lee Summers
Struggling to speak English yet, working in the N.H.S. where it is literally life and death.
Eh, no. At issue is that the people of GB and the Parliament would have little to no say on EU policies that are decided by un-elected officials that have a large impact on their lives. The obvious one is un-checked migration, but it also includes the subrogation of the British Supreme Court and their body of laws among other things.
thomas kristensen
Make England great again
Stay Hungry
build the wall France will pay
first name
Britishstan aka future Islamic republic of Britain
azli jamil
A country is supposed to prioritise its CITIZENS first.
Sad that many European countries have forgotten that and are being taken for a ride by many third world leeches!
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🇬🇧 🇪🇺 Brexit crisis: 🇬🇧 Brexit: UK Parliament to debate 1 day ago   02:40

France has put in motion a contingency plan to deal with an eventual "no-deal Brexit", including 50 million euros ($57m) of investments to help ports and airports cope.

Businesses and individuals across Europe are concerned about potential disruptions in the case of a no-deal Brexit. But France is not the only country that is on alert.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's two-year attempt to forge an amicable divorce was crushed by the British parliament on Tuesday in the biggest defeat for a British leader in modern history.

Al Jazeera's David Chater reports from Brussels.

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