Roses GLMV (Jake’s past) Devils don’t fly GLMV 1 day ago   04:27

Itz_Crystal Snow
Hope you guys enjoyed Jake’s past! Love you all! Byeeeeeee! ❤️❤️
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may i ask what's your intro song
xXMarshmello_ FanXx
Roses Are Red
Ketchup Is Too

Cool i got a like but why is it blue?
xXMarshmello_ FanXx
Roses Are Red
Ketchup Is Too

Cool i got a like but why is it blue?
Agustina Bppn
Kenneth Matiom
super funny cry
Cassou Petrin
Jake rose ar a red


Blaze:is a blue
pink unicorn
Madison is probably like now where should I get my money from😕😕😕😂😂😂😂
Onepiece Raftel
Your vids are so cool and I'm your biggest fun
Mark Stretton
OMG A LIKE, A LIKE wait y is it blue?
Abc 123
(Roses is a red violets is a blue)😆😄😍😍😋😝😜i love it!!$$ mission look i have money not for you😝😝😝$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$1000000000000money ha ha loser madison
Waco Sabandija
Jake max and phantom vs rebecca sky want was his name again but make one part 3 pls of girls vs boys pls Crystal
Rylie Collins
Where is Isaac? And jake when he had the demon eyes on he's like frick off Madison!
Jocelyn Merle
Madison is a GOLD DIGGER we Maybe catch a Cheater And a Gold Digger😂
Finally thx
Iz The Alpha Queen
I love how they both have that Hulk kind of thing going on.
su su
This music video is so good......😱😰
The third skelo brother From undertale
Jake's hair is red Rebecca's bow is blue I love your gacha and character I hope you love mine check out my YouTube channel please..
green ninja
Do every ones past yours antes Owens max did that sky did that robbed did that maybe Isaac or yeah ALL OF DEM
Xai Vang
Xxcutecupcake PandaxX
You are amazing! And a great person! You need more subs! Also we are here for you if you need ANYTHING..we want to help you. Thank you for everything! May god bless you!
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Devils don’t fly GLMV Roses GLMV (Jake’s past) 1 day ago   05:08

Hope you guys enjoy! Love you guys! Byeeeee! ❤️❤️
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