Whatever You Draw, I’ll Buy It Challenge EATING ONLY ONE COLORED FOOD 2 days ago   20:02

Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo plays whatever you draw, I’ll buy it challenge with RZ Twin using only back to school supplies. Watch next First Time Traveling Pregnant https://ufl.ae/videow/mad-BDkLK6e I Became a Mermaid for a Day https://ufl.ae/videow/lLxgSGW_eaa

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Rebecca Zamolo and Matt decide to trick RZ Twin after the Game Master revealed she was hypnotized to thinks she was the real Rebecca. The best friends have Daniel send her a text to do whatever you draw, I’ll buy it challenge with a mystery youtuber at the safehouse. It’s the perfect challenge to trick her, especially since Morgz and Collins Key have done it. We decide to use only back to school supplies and decorate the safe house with Jake Paul photos. Once RZ Twin arrives she notices all the Jake Paul pictures and gets ready to draw. She uses a blindfold and headphones so she cant see or hear Rebecca. For round 1 RZ Twin draws a Starbucks drink on the construction paper with markers and Rebecca guesses it. While Rebecca and Daniel buy the drink, Matt notices both how cold she is and the barcode on her arm. Did the GMI do this? Rebecca tests her twin telepathy with RZ twin on the next two rounds and it’s like they are identical twins! For the final round Rebecca is nervous her clone will draw a Lamborghini or a Tesla, but she draws Rebecca’s dream camera instead. Back at the safe house it is time to reveal the mystery youtuber. Based on all the clues, RZ Twin thinks the surprise is jake paul but is wrong and it turns into a battle royale. Do you think we’ll convince her to help us break into the GMI Headquarters?

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Rebecca Zamolo
What do you think happened to RZ Twin during this Whatever You Buy, I'll Draw it challenge?? Let me know if your in my ZAMFAM Notification Squad! xoxo
Krishnaprasad Pj
i am jake pauler dab on the haters
Fida Selena
I saw the him
Kasrayunika Shamsiah Hj Kassim
I saw gmi in the tv
Amelia vlogs
I'm a jake Pauler dab on the haters
Her eyes turned red when she was drunking the coffee i don't think it's healthy for RZ twin
The Property Management Workroom
All i can say is what you guys did at the start is basically a catfish
Jovanny gamer-YT
The twin has red eyes if you put the light on her eyes you can see the red eyes and you can tell that she a clone
Eva and Joseph Play
Omg 😮 are you ok I hope you are Rz twin 👯‍♀️ is wild
Sergelen Ika Sukh
Linkin Gilbert
I'm a Jake pa7lrer dab the haters
Martin Robinson9y
Linda Jones
I went to 10 I'm a Jake pauler dab on them haters
Vicki Brain
You va
Lorna Sinanovic
stephanie V
Wait the RZ was talking in her real voice
Chrissy Cooper
Dab on them haters
Sudeshna Chand
I’m a jake poler
Nicholle Petersonsh
I don't no 😮😮😮😮😮👀
فوزية الحمادي
Rz tiwn is working with the gmi
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EATING ONLY ONE COLORED FOOD Whatever You Draw, I’ll Buy It Challenge 2 days ago   07:44

This was surprisingly hard!! Can we get to 250k likes!? and comment which color you would eat for 24 hours!!
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