Why You Should Disable iCloud Photo iCloud Backup Failed - You Do Not Have 5 months ago   05:56

One of the new features in iOS called iCloud Photo Library is definitely not helping. This feature, while in theory, allows you to backup all of your photos and videos on any of your iOS or MacOS devices to the cloud, takes up precious iCloud storage and adds up really quickly. Most people I know have run out of storage just from iCloud backups (another issue I have with iOS, but I digress) so adding this is almost a sure-fire way to guarantee you run out of iCloud storage.

There is a better way though. I touched on this in a video a long time ago about backing up your photos and videos but think we need to revisit the concept. You should turn off iCloud Photo Library and instead use another free service like, say, Google Photos which automatically backs up all of your photos and videos in an unlimited quantity for free.

So here's how we do that.


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After turning off iCloud backup, should I click remove from library or download photos & videos?
Yuanspex01 YBM
1902 wth
Fawad Bilgrami
Just that Apple made it really hard for Google Photos to sync in background reliably
Terry Cole
Peggy Bowles
Where do I find google photos and use privacy settings
Jim Jim
Hi, when you disable and delete the phot iCloud thing, will it delete the photos from my iPhone as well or just the iCloud?
The I cloud is great and it’s worth every penny for a peace of mind like others said a cup of coffee is more than a monthly charge for the iCloud. No going anywhere.
When I want to upload videos or photos on instagram it brings me to normal photos . How to make it use google photos instead ?
Evelyn Lamptey
Thanks for that information iCloud are doing my head in about upgrading storage all the time. 👍🏽
Tom Alawatte
But can you trust companies like Gooogle and facebook with any of your private information these days?? I cannot.
Swifty Playz
Gotta love google it helps a lot
tony mathew
i hate the new auto sync icloud photo library
first of call if your wifi sucks u cant view ur photos that u took yesterday and videos
second if someone hack into ur icloud account boom! there goes ur privacy ! they will get ur pic and videos without stealing ur phone
Dylan Weaver
Google sells your data though. You’re going to pay for photo storage no matter what; either with $0.99 or your privacy.
Angie West
Does anyone know how to get my photos back into my library from Apple photos or google photos?? I’ve tried everything! I have over 1000 photos so I really don’t want to screen shot each one, please help?!
Gio Rodgers
Damm thanks it works I had the google photos app but I didn’t know how to clear my photos from iCloud storage
john gaiya
Please if your pictures on your iPhone are loading how do you get the to their original state??
nic jac
I love you!
Can you share how to download ringtones to different contacts ty
Try downloading all of your photos, and you will realise it’s not the right solution. It’s the most impossible experience. Online everything is too risky for me
its Jenn
Save the pictures ok snapchat instead😂
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