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The Office
"What were we doing for 19 minutes and 48 seconds!"

Season 5, Episode 3 '"Business Ethics" is the third episode of the fifth season of the television series The Office, and the show's seventy-fifth episode overall. The episode aired in the United States on October 9, 2008 on NBC. Wikipedia

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Klingons and Wookies hahahahah.
Cody Higinbotham
“What were you doing for 19 minutes and 48 seconds?”
Rather than “What” were you doing, it was more like “Who” were you doing
Riko Saikawa
Dumbledore Calrissian. My sides
Mr. XD
Jim is cruel sometimes
Bryce Yates
I like how jim kinda knows what dwight was doing for this 19 minutes.
Dumbledore Calrissian!! I’m dying
Davis Jackson
If you think about it, Dwight could have twisted this back on Jim, because Jim was barely working as well. Not to mention all of the time that Jim spends at reception.
aditya b
Jim is the real time thief here
I'm such a nerd, lol, I was feeling so disturbed at that Battlestar Galactica description
Josh Benton
I love the office bring it back times nowadays deserves it OFFICE RULES
Mhao Yeager
aljoscha cyphers
Omg! I usually can't stand Dawit, but I love the one up look he gave the camera at the end!✊😁
David Jones
0:43 When you realize you're married to the British beauty of Emily Blunt :P
2:48 When you remember you get to go home to her and two magnificent daughters, YOUR babies Emily Blunt wanted to have :}
Lord Lobov
1:32 "That doesn't sound right.." lol andy
Stolen Vaccines
Time heist
Ahaha Dumbledore Calrissian.
AnaL Velazquez
If Dwight was Oscar, and then the part of when Jim was talking to Andy...

Phoebe !!!!!
1:28-1:35 we all have times like that😂
Think this is satire? I live it everyday at work. Management and administration monitoring every task with a stop watch or calculator, yet who monitors management and administration?!
_Skillfullgods _
The look
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The Office - Dwight's Speech (Deleted Dwight Time Thief - The Office 2 days ago   07:52

Dwight is named salesman of the year at the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company's branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and given the honor of speaking at a convention.

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